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[Louise Kinch]

Description: Photograph of a young woman wearing a dress and gloves. She is standing on a curb; trees are visible in the background. (back of photo) Louise (a member of St. Matthews Parish, Brooklyn, N.Y.C. married Bill Kinch.
Date: unknown
Partner: Palestine Public Library

[Teachers and children at an unidentified school in New York]

Description: Photograph of an unidentified school in New York. The predominantly African-American school children are standing three rows deep, with a white female teacher on crutches on the right side of the picture, a white male teacher with glasses in back, center of the class and an African-American female teacher with glasses on the far left side of the class. There is one white girl with a ribbon in her dark hair, standing in the middle of the picture between an African-American boy on her right and an African-American girl on her left. On the back of the photo, handwritten: "From Hattie Jackson Brooklyn, N.Y. 167 Hoyt St. To Mrs. A.P. George Richmond, Texas April 16, 1953"
Date: April 16, 1953
Partner: George Ranch Historical Park

[John and Juanita Jordan]

Description: Studio photograph of a young couple. The man and woman are identified as John and Juanita Jordan. Juanita, who has short curly blond hair, is wearing a plaid dress with cap sleeves and bow tied at center of collar. John is wearing a pin striped suit, white shirt, and dark patterned tie. He has a white handkerchief in his left breast pocket of his jacket. Written near bottom of image in blue ink: "With All Our Love, Nita [&] John". Written on back of photograph in black ink: "John & Juanita Jordan Made - Nov. 3, 1949 John, 25 years of age Nita, 21 years of age". Also on back in pencil: "3-4130". The photograph was in a gray and tan folder accession 2000.042.023b.
Date: November 3, 1949
Partner: George Ranch Historical Park


Description: Map shows street names, railroads, elevated railroads, street car lines, parks, cemeteries, select buildings, public institutions, docks, ferries, military facilities, and some businesses. Includes index. Scale [ca. 1:49,450].
Date: [1880..1900]
Partner: University of Texas at Arlington Library

[Sailors Around a Decorated Fireplace]

Description: Photograph of a group of sailors around a fireplace decorated for Christmas. These decorations were placed in one of the open rooms inside the U.S.S. Texas; this picture was taken while the ship was docked at the navy yard in Brooklyn, New York.
Date: 1929
Partner: Texas Parks & Wildlife Department