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Oral History Interview with Clarabelle Barton Snodgrass, August 25, 1999

Description: Interview with Clarabelle Barton Snodgrass, vice-chair of the Kerr County Historical Commission from Kerrville, Texas. Mrs. Snodgrass talks about growing up on a primitive ranch, struggling to survive during the Depression, meeting and marrying her husband, their family, their involvement with music, and her efforts to preserve the history of Kerr County. She also briefly discusses the honors and awards her volunteer work has earned her. Pages 2-13 include a written statement by Miles Abernathy Lowrence, Clarabelle's maternal great-uncle.
Date: September 25, 1999
Creator: Bethel, Ann & Snodgrass, Clarabelle
Partner: Kerr County Historical Commission

Oral History Interview with Larry Aldrich, December 2, 2003

Description: Interview with Larry Aldrich, a U.S. Air Force veteran who served in England during the Iraqi war. Aldrich describes his experiences when he enlisted including his training and work as a guard at a nuclear weapons storage facility and later, overseas at RAF Lakenheath.
Date: January 15, 2005
Creator: Thibodaux, Dana & Aldrich, Larry
Partner: Lee College

Transcript of Oral History Interview with Jean Mathis Lidiak, August 15, 2011

Description: Interview with Jean Mathis Lidiak, a former middle school secretary from Kerrville, Texas. Mrs. Lidiak talks about growing up in Kerrville, her family, and her work at various businesses and the Veterans Administration hospital. She also discusses her husband's education, his service in World War II, and the auto companies he worked at. The interview transcript includes photos of Mrs. Lidiak and her family, on pages 23-28.
Date: August 15, 2011
Creator: Collins, Francelle Robison; Stephens, Louis; Sutton, Jeanne Schumacher & Lidiak, Jean Mathis
Partner: Kerr County Historical Commission