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[Letter to Henry and Salina, August 19, 1881]

Description: They saw Sam Thornhill and Add Nimmo and spent Saturday night at Sam's. He dropped Mary off at home Sunday and went back to meet Mrs. Susan Thornhill. Jim got married and John lives in Knoxville with his wife and six kids and owns a furniture store. He speculates that Tom and Alice Thornhill will get married. Mary and Dinky visited Abe Franklin. Abe is farming and carpentering. They went to visit their Uncle John, who is doing well. John is running a mill for $75 a month. They visited Sally who wants to see Henry and visit Texas. John and Sally's daughter played some music. They spent an hour with Billy's widow, Kate Moore. Uncle Sam Wallace is not doing well and in his will he already promised a few things to some people, but the rest would go amongst his relations. He is sorry to hear of all the drought damage for the cotton farmers. He prays for rain for Henry's crops.
Date: August 19, 1881
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections