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[Letter from Diana Maray to John Patterson Osterhout, December 5, 1854]

Description: Letter from Diana Maray to John Patterson Osterhout discussing daily life in Athens, Pennsylvania. Letters had been received from other family members and her children were doing well in school. In the state of Pennsylvania, the temperance movement was working to get a prohibitive liquor law passed. She closed her letter by writing about what she felt made a real friend and hoped she would meet John in this life or the next. She included two locks of hair, one from each of her sons. Included is an envelope addressed to "John P. Osterhout."
Date: December 5, 1854
Creator: Maray, Diana
Partner: Austin College

[Letter from M. A. DeWitt to Junia Roberts Osterhout, December 8, 1878]

Description: Letter from M. A. DeWitt to sister, Junia Roberts Osterhout. DeWitt's letter was composed of varied news of the family. The letter ended with Mitt informing Junia that a gift for Junia's daughter, Gertrude, would be arriving in time for Christmas. Included is an envelope addressed to "Mrs. J. P. Osterhout."
Date: December 8, 1878
Creator: Mitt, M. A.
Partner: Austin College

[Letter from Sarah Hartly to Junia Roberts Osterhout, December 10, 1870]

Description: Letter from Sarah Hartly to Junia Roberts Osterhout. The letter was written in two parts on different days. In the first half, Sarah informs Junia of her daily life. In the second portion of the letter, she tells Junia that she recently received news of a death in the family and writes about how her children have grown.
Date: December 10, 1870
Creator: Hartly, Sarah
Partner: Austin College

[Client Card: J. E. Caldwell and Co.]

Description: Client card describing work completed at the Roman Bronze Works Foundry for J. E. Caldwell and Co., including a job number, brief description, monetary amount, and dates associated with each entry. Pieces included: Wildflower by Berge, Pair C 600, Reclining Boy on Dragon Fly by Hawks, Marine and Chase Desk Set pieces, and Marine Picture Frame.
Date: 1928-12/1934-12
Creator: Roman Bronze Works Foundry
Partner: Amon Carter Museum

[Man in Snowstorm]

Description: Photograph of a man walking in a snowstorm at the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Airport. He walks away from the camera, carrying a suitcase.
Date: December 29, 1958
Creator: Clark, Joe
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Postcard of "The Roundup"]

Description: Postcard of a painting entitled "The Roundup," of cowboys sitting together in a camp, with more cowboys rounding up cattle in the background, framed with mountains. A handwritten note addresed to Miss Helen H. Aten says "Hello All- Arrived yesterday at 3:00pm. Travelled 1850 miles. Chevy is still good. Was a bit tired driving but will come out of it in a day or two. Rained today and is plenty muddy at camp. Abilene is a nice town. Will write more in a day or two. Looks as tho we will be busy."
Date: December 5, 1943
Creator: Aten, Woodrow W.
Partner: The 12th Armored Division Memorial Museum

[Postcard of Camp Barkeley Parade Grounds]

Description: Postcard of soldiers marching on the parade grounds at Camp Barkeley in Abilene, Texas. A handwritten note addressed to Helen H. Aten from Woodrow W. Aten says "Hello all- Received your letter yesterday & am glad to hear you are still all ok. It was approx 1850 miles down here. Arrived in good time Saturday. Rained most of this week and [?] of cold. Bought 8FL of antifreeze tonite (alcohol base) it is quite scarce here. Woodrow."
Date: December 10, 1943
Creator: Aten, Woodrow W.
Partner: The 12th Armored Division Memorial Museum