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[Dorothea Guenther at 4 months old in December of 1894.]

Description: Photograph of Dorothea Guenther at 4 months old in December of 1894. Dorothea is wearing a long, white dress with a white jacket that is tied with a fringed tie. Dark colored blanket in background. Photograph original is mounted on cardboard and trimmed in gold. Bottom of cardboard reads: Paris & Rothwell 11&13 W. Commerce St., San Antonio, Texas.
Date: 1894
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Hilmar Guenther family]

Description: Photograph of Hilmar Guenther family, San Antonio, ca. 1899. From left to right, Hilmar Guenther, Dorothea Guenther (Mrs. John Moore, Jr.), Lieschen Guenther (Mrs. Norveil Chittim), Marie Bachman Guenther. Image is mounted on a black matte with a white 0.6 cm border immediately around photo. Photographer's mark in white at center bottom, "Barr, San Antonio, Texas." Image dimensions: 15.5 cm x 10.2 cm. Back of photo has strips of newspaper glued to it at both sides.
Date: 1899
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Dorothea Guenther Moore with John Moore III (as an infant).]

Description: Photograph of Dorothea Guenther Moore with John Moore III (as an infant). She is wearing a white dress with darker collar and inset at sleeves, dark ribbon at waist. Her hair is parted to the side and pulled back in a bun a the nape of her neck. The infant is wearing a white gown. Original photo is in a cardboard folder with DROW, SAN ANTONIO embossed on front.
Date: 1917
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Marie Bachman Guenther]

Description: Photographic portrait of Marie Bachman Guenther. Part of a series taken by Bachrach Studios in San Antonio in 1928. Image is oval cropped. Guenther is wearing a dark dress with large white lace collar and cameo pin. She has gray wavy hair and wire frame glasses.
Date: 1928
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Eliza Jones as a young girl.]

Description: Photograph of Eliza Jones as a young girl. Jones is wearing a light colored dress with puffed sleeves that have long lace at the elbow, large lace collar and bows on the shoulders. Bows can also be seen at the waist. She has on stockings and shoes with bows across the instep. She is holding a dark colored hat in her left hand. Her right arm is resting on the back of a wicker chair. The photograph is mounted on a cardboard substrate with gold trim. Bottom of cardboard reads in gold: Paris & Rothwell, 11 & 13 W. Commerce St., San Antonio, Texas. Back of photograph also reads in gold: Paris & Rothwell Photographers, Nos. 11 & 13 Commerce St., San Antonio, Texas, Portraits in Crayon Oils & Pastels. Negatives retained for future orders. There is also a bouquet of flowers with long ribbon to left.
Date: unknown
Creator: Paris and Rothwell
Partner: Fort Bend Museum