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After the hurricane, 4th Artillery officers line

Description: An automobile sits alongside the ruins of an open sided canvas-covered structure. To the right three wooden one-story buildings are visible with very heavy structural damage. Behind the automobile are at least four other wooden buildings. One building has fully collapsed on 2 sides. One building has been blown off its foundation and lies tilted at a 90 degrees angle, with the building underside vertical to the ground. The large building is a two story building with about half the building totally collapsed. A pile of wooden debris lies in the right front foreground. Flooding is visible behind the building. Wording on the photo front "After the hurricane 4th Art. Officers line, Texas City." The number "15." is written on the photo. Wording in pencil on photo back "Aug 16, 1915."
Date: August 16, 1915
Partner: Moore Memorial Public Library