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[Men at Texas Fire Department Instructors Conference]

Description: Photograph of men at a Texas Fire Department Instructors Conference, sitting in front of a building with cars in the background. Several men in the front row are identified as E. W. Parker, Monk Owens, Oscar Goodrich, B. J. Korman, Burns Caldwell, Frank Gallaway, Benjamin Huron, R. Roy Simmons, and Bill Willis. Those in the second row are Frank McKinney, Johnnie O'Brien, August Oertli, Paul Andrews, an unknown man, John Ballew, unknown, G. I. Powell, and three more unidentified men. Those in the third row are Glen Warranstaff, G. C. Adams, Bill McMeans, R. D. Mace, John Woody, four unknown men, Jerome Schawb, Henry D. Smith, Henry Timmerman, Morbert Koonce, Otis Muenster, and Paul R. Williams. Those in the back row are A. L. "Gus" Cartwright, L. O. Bynam, Dick Rowland, Adolf Solmkey, A. L. Rathke, and W. J. Henderson. One of the men in the fifth row is D. C. Musick, and three of the men in the top row are H. R. Brayton, Bob Dodson, and Harvey Peyton.
Date: 1948
Partner: Fire Museum of Texas