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[Photograph of a Firemen on a Fire Truck]

Description: Postcard with a photograph of a group of firemen standing on an old fire truck. The truck has a few ladders loaded on the back, a water hose rolled up, and a large bulb figure also in the back. The men are all wearing their uniforms and are standing around the front seat behind the alarm bell, and there is an advertisement on the wall in the background that reads: "Cook with Gas."
Date: [1909..1912]
Partner: Fire Museum of Texas

[Postcard with a Photograph of a Horse-Drawn Fire Vehicle]

Description: Postcard with a photograph of a horse-drawn fire wagon walking through a city street with a steamer on the back; there are a number of advertisements lining the street. The note on the reverse side reads: "Engine three second & Hill St. where I am working." This wagon is being pulled by three horses and a fireman is sitting in the driver's seat steering the horses.
Date: [1909..1912]
Partner: Fire Museum of Texas

[Dance Program for Elmer Wheatly's Dance Students]

Description: Dance program for Miss Elmer Wheatly's dance recital; the recital entitled "Varieties of 1936." Each of the twelve pages contains advertisements for different businesses including one that shows support towards "Harvey Butts for Sheriff." Also included on the pages are the different acts of the event and different actors and actresses, as well as the music being played.
Date: June 2, 1936
Partner: Private Collection of Margay Welch

[Brochure: McMurry Chanters]

Description: Brochure advertising the McMurry singing group, The Chanters, directed by Gypsy Ted Sullivan Wylie. It includes photos of the chorus, a list of recent performances, descriptions of concerts, and quotations from fans.
Date: 1940~
Creator: McMurry College
Partner: McMurry University Library

Austin Star String Band

Description: Photographic collage of the Austin All Star String band with six images of band members. Starting from the top, the first violinist is Charles Sterzing, the cornetist is A. D. Preuss, the violist is Charles W. Ohrndorf, the cellist is Henry Bastian, the clarinetist is Charles Thiele, and the second violinist is Oscar Neumann. Text on the image also notes that the band was formed June 1, 1871 and H. A. Klotz was the teacher.
Date: [1872..1899]
Creator: Hillyer, H. B.
Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library