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Legacies: A History Journal for Dallas and North Central Texas, Volume 14, Number 02, Fall, 2002

Description: Biannual publication "devoted to the rich history of Dallas and North Central Texas" as a way to "examine the many historical legacies--social, ethnic, cultural, political--which have shaped the modern city of Dallas and the region around it." This issue focuses on "Historic Neighborhoods."
Date: 2002
Creator: Dallas Historical Society
Partner: Dallas Historical Society

"Correspondence with Texas, on the Subject of Annexation"

Description: Government document concerning the annexation of Texas; 29th Congress, 1st session, [1846]; At head: "Doc. No. 2. [Documents accompanying the President's message at the commencement of the First Session of the Twenty-Ninth Congress.]"
Date: March 20, 1845
Item Type: Text
Partner: Star of the Republic Museum

Engraved frieze on the San Jacinto Monument, Measured by its Results

Description: Photograph of an engraved frieze on the San Jacinto Monument in La Porte. It reads: "Measured by its results, San Jacinto was one of the decisive battles of the world. The freedom of Texas from Mexico won here led to annexation and to the Mexican War, resulting in the acquistion by the United States of the states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California, Utah and parts of Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas and Oklahoma, almost one-third of the present area of the American nation, nearly a million square miles of territory, changed sovereignty."
Date: May 2, 2005
Creator: Belden, Dreanna L.
Item Type: Photograph
Location Info:
Partner: UNT Libraries

The Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Volume 32, July 1928 - April, 1929

Description: The Texas State Historical Association Quarterly Report includes "Papers read at the meetings of the Association, and such other contributions as may be accepted by the Committee" (volume 1, number 1). These include historical sketches, biographical material, personal accounts, and other research. Index is located at the end of the volume starting on page 353.
Date: 1929
Creator: Texas State Historical Association
Partner: Texas State Historical Association

[Voting results tally sheet, October 13, 1845]

Description: Negative image of a tally sheet with columns indicating name of voter, constitution adopted, constitution rejected, for annexation, against annexation, for colonization ordinance and against colonization ordinance. Signed Louis Huth and others on October 13, 1845.
Date: October 13, 1845
Creator: Huth, Louis
Item Type: Legal Document
Partner: The Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

Courrier du Haut-Rhin. 4ne Année, No. 65, August 7, 1845

Description: Newsletter dated August 7, 1845 discussing the political implications of Texas joining the United States. Articles are presented in both French and German. Also included is a letter signed by Henri Castro regarding unsigned and blank contracts, dated July 31, 1845 in Neufreystaedt, and a time table for travel from the Grand Duchy of Baden.
Date: August 7, 1845
Partner: The Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

[Transcript of an Announcement from Sam Houston, November 18, 1836]

Description: Copy of transcript an announcement from Sam Houston appointing William H. Wharton as the Minister Plenipotentiary to the United States, and noting that the citizens of the Republic of Texas have voted nearly unanimously to become a state.
Date: November 18, 1836
Creator: Houston, Samuel
Item Type: Letter
Partner: The Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

80th Texas Legislature, Regular Session, House Bill 1472, Chapter 225

Description: Bill introduced by the Texas House of Representatives relating to the annexation of land for which property taxes are imposed based on the land's value for agricultural or wildlife management purposes or timber production.
Date: 2007-04/2007-05
Creator: Texas. Legislature. House of Representatives.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department