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[Marfa, Texas 1918]

Description: In the foreground of this photograph, four people in cowboy hats sit in the shade of a tree. Behind them is what appears to be an unpaved main street of Marfa, circa 1918, with storefronts, telephone poles, and cars of the time period.
Date: [c. 1918]
Creator: Arnold's Art Studio
Partner: Marfa Public Library

[W.T Waggoner Building, ca. 1918]

Description: Photograph taken around 1918 of the W.T. Waggoner Building in Fort Worth, Texas. It is a tall double-towered building connected by small columns in the middle and has over 10 rows of windows. Cars are parked in front of stores at street level and people walk casually on the sidewalks.
Date: unknown
Partner: University of Texas at Arlington Library

Birds-Eye-View, Fort Davis, Texas

Description: The photograph on this postcard shows the town of Fort Davis. In the foreground, there is a formation of large rocks and an unpaved road that continues into the middle of the town. To either side of the road, there are various buildings enclosed by fences and surrounded by yards, trees, and windmills. The postcard was sent from Fort Davis March 15 and arrived in Uvalde, Texas March 17, 1918 according to the postmarks. The text, handwritten in ink, reads: "Wednesday. Well Janet how are you today? This picture was taken from some big high rocks in front of my uncle's house. There are hardly any lumber houses here - nearly all dirt or stone. Some are made of pretty pink rocks. They get the different kinds of rock from the mountains in the town or near town. Hope I'll see you again sometime. Miss Ada." The postcard was addressed to Miss Janet Harris.
Date: c. 1918
Partner: Marfa Public Library