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[Bloys Campmeeting]

Description: In this photograph, a group of 13 people (including two children) are standing in front of trees. All of the men and most of the women are wearing hats (and/or bonnets). At the bottom of the photograph there are several handwritten labels: "S. N. B., G. N. Bogel, Jessie B. H. [...] H. J. H. Jr., Eda Jenkins Hubbard, and W. W. Bogel" From left to right, there are: a woman in a white dress with dark-colored sleeves (S. N. B.); a man in a white shirt and bow-tie wearing dark glasses; a second woman in a white dress next to a younger woman wearing a darker-colored dress and bonnet and behind them there is a man wearing a white shirt and tie; a woman in a white dress with a dark pin at the collar holding the hand of a very young boy, also in white, and standing next to a slightly older boy in white with a square collar; a man (directly behind the boys) who appears to be wearing a uniform; two women in white dresses; another man in uniform; and an older man (W. W. Bogel) with a moustache who has something tucked into the waist of his slacks. Directly behind the men to the right, there is some sort of covered vehicle (a buggy or automobile). A handwritten note on the back of the photograph says "Bloys Camp Meeting circa 1913/1916."
Date: [c. 1913 - 1916]
Partner: Marfa Public Library