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[Weatherford College Chorus, c. 1946-7]

Description: Photo of Weatherford College chorus. Photo taken between 1946-1947: Weatherford, Texas. The members are wearing dark robes and standing on a stage on risers surrounding a piano.
Date: 1946/1947
Item Type: Photograph
Partner: Weatherford College

[Women's Church Choir on a Stage]

Description: Photograph of a group of women on a large stage singing from choral books. All of the women are dressed up in light, formal sundresses, and some are wearing wide-brimmed sun hats. In front of the line of singers, there is a table decorated with a light lace tablecloth and a vase of flowers. To the right of the table, there is a woman in a white dress playing a large piano. On top of the piano there is another vase of flowers. On the bottom of the photograph there is printed writing that reads, "May 1953 Studer S.A. TEXAS.
Date: unknown
Item Type: Photograph
Partner: Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary