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Description: Two photographs of poles of sorts. Three vertical poles can be seen. There is also a horizontal bar connected to two of the vertical poles. The sky, including clouds, are visible in the background.
Date: January 17, 1975
Partner: Edison Museum

[Aerial Photo of Detroit Skyline]

Description: Photograph of Detroit, Michigan out of an airplane window. Dark clouds and the moon have been superimposed above the city, and the wing of the airplane is visible on the right side of the image. Narrative by Junebug Clark: This photo is the cover image of the Joe Clark book, "Detroit: God's Greatest City" Photo by: Joe Clark, HBSS. Signed by: Joe Clark, HBSS Clark PhotoFile: 7800-111
Date: 1959
Creator: Clark, Joe
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[One O’Clock Lab Band Mexico Tour, January 26-February 21, 1967]

Description: Photograph of the view from the plane's window, showing clouds and a piece of the wing-tip. This is one of a series of photographs taken during the One O’Clock Lab Band’s tour to Mexico, January 26 to February 21, 1967. The United States Department of State sponsored the tour, and the band traveled as representatives of the United States. Directed by Leon Breeden, the 20 member band and their guests vocalist Carol Lurie and pianist-organist Linda De Leon, toured for 26 days, giving 19 scheduled concerts and two impromptu shows at venues throughout Mexico.
Date: 1967-01-26/1967-02-21
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Pampa, Texas: "Hang your hat at the top of Texas!"]

Description: This film is unedited television footage regarding events and sites in Pampa, Texas. The footage includes photos of Woody Guthrie, panoramas of the local landscape, recreational areas, a cowboy reciting lines to the camera, and a cook-out at a ranch house. First, the camera crew films old photographs of Woody Guthrie and Harris Drugs at a local museum. Then footage of park, residential, and ranch lands is shot. At a park, groups of people have a picnic, and children play soccer and on swingsets. Two women birdwatch and walk along a forest trail. In a suburban neighborhood, filming covers a couple walking a dog, a postwoman delivering mail, and the exterior of a Presbyterian church. Men are filmed at a golf course on a driving range, using golf carts, and putting. Panoramic footage of open plains includes cattle, a wheat field, and an overcast sky. A cowboy on horseback delivers multiple takes of the phrases: “While you visit, hang your hat at the top of Texas,” and “Pampa, the real Texas.” Last, the camera crew films a group of people cooking and eating outdoors near a covered wagon, at a ranch house.
Date: unknown
Partner: UNT Media Library

[Photograph of Fleet Berthing Facilities, Orange, Texas]

Description: Photograph of a fleet berthing facility near Orange, Texas. There is a large pier with several large boats on top and behind it. In the center of the peer is a large tower with cables. In the background is a tree-covered hill and in the foreground is a stretch of water. Typed across the bottom right hand corner is, "Brown and Root Inc. Contract NOy 13243, Fleet Berthing Facilities, Orange/Texas, View of Pier 1 From Pier 2, 8/2/46, NO 64".
Date: August 2, 1946
Partner: Heritage House Museum

[Pierce Fordyce Oil Association]

Description: Photograph of two oil tanker cars belonging to Pierce Fordyce Oil Association in Fort Worth, Texas sit on railroad tracks. A loading rack with steel beams on it stands between the cars. The sky is cloudy. This photo is part of the Southwestern Mechanical Company Photograph Album.
Date: unknown
Partner: University of Texas at Arlington Library

Harvard Radio Astronomy Station, Fort Davis, Texas

Description: This photograph shows the Harvard Radio Astronomy Station. To the left, there is a white building that appears to be a pre-fabricated structure; an old-fashioned pickup truck is parked next to the building. To the right, there is a large satellite propped up on what appears to be wooden supports. Two men are standing next to the satellite. In the foreground, there is some scrub and a wire fence enclosing the station area. Behind the station, there are telephone poles and rolling hills with scattered brush. A handwritten note on the back of the photograph reads "Big Bend Sentinel, Marfa, Texas. 4 col x 4 flush mounted 175 cropped."
Date: unknown
Partner: Marfa Public Library

Dust Storm in Darrouzett, Texas

Description: View of a long and wide dirt road leading to a large dust storm that is about to engulf the town of Darrouzett, Texas. There are a few people on the left side of frame. Written on the bottom of the print is, "Dust Storm Approaching Darrouzett, Texas. April 14th 1935.
Date: April 14, 1935
Partner: Wolf Creek Heritage Museum

Phantom Face in Dust Clouds

Description: Photograph of dust storm clouds. Outlined in the clouds on the left side of the frame is the shape of a face. Written across the bottom right side of the photograph is, "The Phantom Face in Dust Clouds".
Date: unknown
Partner: Wolf Creek Heritage Museum