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[Scene during Wellington coal shortage]

Description: Photograph of a scene during the coal shortage in Wellington. There are several horse-drawn wagons crowding a dirt road. A note accompanying the photograph states that coal was used in cast iron stoves for cooking and heating, and that during the shortage coal was brought to the County and each family was allowed to purchase two sacks. During the shortage, corn, cottonseed, and wood were burned as alternatives to coal.
Date: 1924
Partner: Collingsworth County Museum

Impacts of energy developments on the Texas Transportation System infrastructure

Description: "Texas energy sector has a critical impact-historically and currently-on both the state economy and the Texas transportation system. The stat's various transportation modes, including rail, highways, pipelines, and ports, form a system that supports the energy sector in a number of ways."
Date: October 2011
Creator: Prozzi, Jolanda; Grebenschikov, Sergey; Banerjee, Ambarish & Prozzi, Jorge Alberto
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

I will be up as soon as possible

Description: Colored postcard depicting a man falling down a flight of stairs. His pocket watch is flying out of his vest and he holds a bucket and shovel for coal in his hands. Written on the card is, "I will be up as soon as possible." Correspondence on the back reads, "Hello Rosa, how are you and your position coming. you must come to see us some of these long come shorts. Sam." It is addressed to Miss Rosa Bassano, Paris, Texas. It is postmarked Ladonia, Tex on Sept 30, 1907.
Date: unknown
Partner: Private Collection of Joe E. Haynes

Brownwood Ice Company

Description: Photograph of the Brownwood Ice and Fuel Company; Ice, Coal and Cold Storage. The brick building has two smokestacks and a cooling tower on top. This photo is part of the Southwestern Mechanical Company Photograph Album.
Date: unknown
Creator: Hinsdale & Bryant
Partner: University of Texas at Arlington Library

Texas energy sector: past and future

Description: "The objectives of this research study were to (a) illustrate and quantify the impacts imposed by the energy sector on Texas's transportation system and (b) identify key energy demand indicators by energy source that TxDOT can track in an effort to anticipate the associated future transportation impacts on Texas's transportation system."
Date: December 2011
Creator: Prozzi, Jolanda; Dumais, Ashley; Cline, Mike; Loftus-Otway, Lisa & Seaborne, Eleanor
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department


Description: Patent for a fuel briquet formula consisting of coal waste, cotton seed meal, cattle dung, ground flint rock, and coal oil residuum or asphaltum. Is easily transportable, repels moisture, and burns well.
Date: March 10, 1908
Creator: Mannewitz, August M.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Pneumatic Jet for Conveyers

Description: Patent for a pneumatic jet that uses steam jets to provide power for various tasks such as distributing seed cotton or elevating coal. Illustrations included.
Date: September 21, 1909
Creator: Rice, Earley W.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Texas Islitas Quadrangle: Grid Zone "D"

Description: Topographic quadrangle map of Islitas, Texas, and the surrounding area, showing towns, water bodies, boundaries, railroads, roads and highways, ranches, abandoned coal mines, and landmarks. Relief shown by contours (interval 20 feet) and spot heights. Scale 1:62,500
Date: 1956
Creator: Bruner, C. A.; Moore, J. C.; Drouet, A.; McKibben, T. H.; Worthington, J. P.; Kenda, P. et al.
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library

[KCS Train Engine]

Description: Photograph of a Kansas City Southern Railroad Engine in Mena, Arkansas. A group is standing in front of the engine. Attached to the back of the engine is a coal car. The engine and car are numbered 503. The coal car is marked "Port Arthur Route."
Date: unknown
Partner: Port Arthur Public Library

[News Clip: Gas Problems]

Description: Video footage from the KXAS-TV/NBC station in Fort Worth, Texas, covering a news story about Lone Star Gas and the lack of natural gas being able to use for warmth in households. This story aired at 10pm.
Date: unknown
Creator: KXAS-TV (Television station : Fort Worth, Tex.)
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[News Script: Drill]

Description: Script from the WBAP-TV/NBC station in Fort Worth, Texas, covering a broadcast news story.
Date: August 25, 1963
Creator: WBAP-TV (Television station : Fort Worth, Tex.)
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections