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[Portrait of Mary Louise Hanrick]

Description: Portrait of Mary Louise Hanrick at 12 years old wearing an elaborate costume and posing dramatically. A handwritten note on the back of the photo says "Mary Louise Hanrick, born June 26, 1908, Waco to Ripley Arnold Hanrick and Mary Louise Prescott." The photo was taken at the Texas Cotton Palace in Waco.
Date: 1920
Creator: Boyd Photo
Partner: Private Collection of T. B. Willis

[Portrait of Boy and Girl Posing in Costumes]

Description: Portrait of a boy and girl in costumes in front of a backdrop. The boy has a hat on wearing a costume while holding objects in both hands. The girl has earrings on with costume while holding an object in one hand. There are objects in front of each child. There is a note on the back of the photograph in Spanish.
Date: unknown
Partner: Hispanic Heritage Center of Texas

[Portrait of a Man in an Old Costume]

Description: Portrait of a man wearing an old costume while holding a sword down by his right side; he has a cape over his shoulder, a feather in his hat and a fluffy collar high up on his neck. He is also wearing a large St. George's Cross around his neck as well as on the cape that is draped over his shoulder.
Date: unknown
Creator: Deane Photography
Partner: Private Collection of Margay Welch

[Portrait of Three Men in Costumes]

Description: Portrait of three men wearing costumes, one of the men is seated and the other two are standing on either side of him. All three costumes are very old fashioned, and have feathers in their hats; their shirts are large and ruffled down the sleeves.
Date: unknown
Creator: Jackson, W. D., Jr.
Partner: Private Collection of Margay Welch

[Photograph of a Woman Wearing an Uncle Sam Costume]

Description: Photograph of a woman standing in front of an open barn door. She is wearing pants and a jacket with stars and stripes, a top hat with stars on it, and a small fake beard. The top of a one-story house can be seen beyond a fence that is connected to the right side of the barn. On the back of the photo is a handwritten note reading, "Playing in Carlton, TX."
Date: unknown
Partner: Private Collection of Mary Newton Maxwell

[Two Girls in Costume on Stage]

Description: Photograph of two girls performing a play on stage. One is in a male renaissance costume, and the other in a long, flowing dress. The actor in male costume is kneeling, and the other one is holding out her dress.
Date: 1940~/1949~
Creator: Foster, William Hague
Partner: Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

[woman accepts scroll]

Description: Photograph of a woman in a bathing suit and grass skirt accepting a paper scroll from a woman dressed in a white robe,wig, and crown, who holds a trident. People in costumes sit in the room around them.
Date: unknown
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Photograph of Governor Briscoe Meeting Costumed People]

Description: Photograph of an older middle-aged man, in a medium-colored suit with glasses and a polka-dot tie, extending his right hand to another man, who is wearing a dark suit. Three young girls wearing prairie-girl costume dresses and light-colored, lacy caps on their heads stand with their backs to the camera in between the two men. A man in a cowboy outfit and cowboy hat stands looking at the older man, to the right of the group, while a dark-haired woman in a plaid dress stands in the foreground on the left. A thin rope stretches from one side of the photo to the other, with a small sign hanging from it.The background of the photo is dark, but the shadows of a crowd of other people are visible, and there are many rows of flat light fixtures in the ceiling.
Date: unknown
Partner: University of Texas Permian Basin

[Photograph of Governor Briscoe Speaking to Costumed Children]

Description: Photograph of an older, middle-aged man in a grey-brown suit and polka dot tie standing next to a long line of children wearing various costumes. The man is holding a white piece of paper, similar to one held by a young girl wearing a pink dress and bonnet. A middle-aged brunette woman in a hot pink turtleneck and pink plaid smock dress. The man is accompanied by a brunette middle-aged woman in a pale mint dress, holding a red handbag. In the background on the right, other children in costumes and adults wearing suits and dresses also stand in the large yellow-carpeted conference room.
Date: unknown
Partner: University of Texas Permian Basin

[Photograph of Governor Briscoe and Cowboys]

Description: Photograph of a group of adults and children dressed in costumes, standing in a long line that starts in the front left mid-ground and extends out of frame in the background on the right. At the front of the line, facing right, a group of middle-aged and older men are wearing yellow and brown cowboy shirts with brown, flared trousers and light-colored stetson hats. An older middle-aged man in a grey-brown suit, with thinning brown hair, stands shaking hands with one of the men in cowboy hats. In the very front left foreground, a young blonde boy wearing a dark blue shirt is visible, facing left, while a group of people in blue blazers with name-tags are visible standing in the right mid-ground of the photo. The room occupied by the large group has florescent lighting, yellow carpeting, and chairs stacked against one of the back walls.
Date: unknown
Partner: University of Texas Permian Basin