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[Equipment on Table]

Description: Photograph of equipment and wires on a glass-topped table at the front of a courtroom in the Liberty County courthouse in Liberty, Texas. Four red leather chairs and several wooden benches are visible in the background.
Date: January 13, 2010
Creator: Bell, Jim
Location Info:
Partner: Private Collection of Jim Bell

Pumping Apparatus.

Description: Patent for improvements to a pumping apparatus "to provide a simple, inexpensive, and easily-operated apparatus through the medium of which water may be forced from a well, stream, or other source of supply by the weight of a person" (lines 14-18).
Date: February 17, 1903
Creator: Simmons, Jessie W.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

[Quarterly Return of Ordnance and Ordnance Stores, July 20, 1865]

Description: Military report for the quarterly return of ordnance and ordnance stores for Company F, 1st Regiment, New York Cavalry in Mannsville, New York. The report includes lists of small arms, ammunition, and related equipment with an accounting of items received, issued, and held in storage. This is the third copy of the report, retained by the company.
Date: July 20, 1865
Creator: Redway, Hamilton K.
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections


Description: Patent for "that class of brick-machines usually termed 'dry-press machines,' in which clay is taken from the bank and passed into molds in a revolving wheel" (lines 15-19) and "consists more particularly in the construction of details and combination of parts" (lines 23-25) including instructions and illustrations.
Date: June 15, 1880
Creator: Johnson, Richard M.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Device for the Protection of Vessels.

Description: Patent for a device that protects boats and consists of supporting plates, two of which are firmly secured to the side of the boat, springs between the supporting plates, and chains that limit the movement of supporting plates.
Date: July 24, 1894
Creator: Bailey, William Henry, Sr.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department


Description: Patent for an improved, simple, and inexpensive bedstead meant for use by disabled people. "The hinged head section of the bed may be adjusted to any desired angle of elevation" (lines 14-16). The bed can be adjusted with little exertion. The parts can be easily removed and replaced.
Date: November 28, 1893
Creator: Ottinger, Benjamin
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Rotary Plow

Description: Patent for a gang-plow to be used when gangs of disks are used to turn over the soil so that it generates minimal friction and thus increasing efficiency.
Date: November 15, 1892
Creator: Cleveland, George P.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Improvement in Double-Acting Force-Pumps.

Description: Patent for a double-acting force pump that has "single cylinder and hollow piston-rod operate in connection with the upper and lower cylinder-valves, and with a valved piston adapted to have a reciprocal motion independent of and upon the hollow piston-rod, to discharge the water from both sides of the piston with a double action and in a continuous stream through said hollow piston-rod" (para. 2).
Date: September 16, 1879
Creator: Newman, Charles Elijah
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Wheeled Scraper

Description: Patent for an improvement to scrapers so that "the handling of the scraper-bowl to load, convey, and discharge the dirt may be accomplished with little or no labor on the part of the operator" (lines 14-19).
Date: September 13, 1892
Creator: Rath, Charles
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

[News Clip: Electricity]

Description: Video footage from the KXAS-TV/NBC station in Fort Worth, Texas, to accompany a news story. This story aired at 12:00 P.M.
Date: 1979
Creator: KXAS-TV (Television station : Fort Worth, Tex.)
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Individual Clothing and Equipment Slip]

Description: Slip issuing individual clothing and equipment to enlisted men. It reads: "Issued the articles listed below to Justin L. Bible, ASN 18216582 593rd JASCO APO 70. 1 ea. carbine, Ser. Nu. 2140735, 1 ea. knife, trench M3, w/scabbard, M8."
Date: August 31, 1945
Partner: Arlington Historical Society’s Fielder House Museum

[Tack Room at Pinehurst Stables]

Description: Photograph of the interior of the tack room at Pinehurst Stables in Orange, Texas. Around the top of the room are numerous ribbons mounted in glass cases. Bridles, saddles and other tack are displayed on the walls and on a table.
Date: unknown
Creator: Hickey Studio
Partner: Heritage House Museum