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[Photograph of Three Men]

Description: Photograph of three men standing side by side in the middle of a barren, dry stretch of land, all wearing dark-colored suits and hats. The man in the middle has his right hand on the shoulder of the man on the left. In the background are several scraggly trees and stumps. A hand written note on the back reads, "Left to right: Harvey Pruitt, Stewart Foster, Terrell Foster."
Date: unknown
Partner: Private Collection of T. B. Willis

[Dossman-Rueter Wedding #9]

Description: Photograph of a group of people, identified as the wedding party in the Dossman-Rueter wedding, posing together in front of a church alter. The bride and groom are standing in the center of the front row, with three women to the right and three men to the left. Behind them is a second row of two women (left) and two men (right). In the background, decorative woodwork is visible on the wall behind the alter, as well as a crucifix, lit candles, and windows on either side of the alter area.
Date: [1950..1959]
Creator: Blewitt, William
Partner: Bosque County Historical Commission

[Formal Group Photograph]

Description: Portrait of ten people wearing formal attire, arranged in two rows, posing in front of a light blue backdrop. The group is comprised of three women and seven men. Identified individuals are: William Waybourn (back row, fourth from right), John Thomas (back row, third from right), Terry Tebedo (back row, far right), Linda Mitchell (middle row, second from left, in red dress), Bill Nelson (front row, far right), Craig Spaulding (front row, far left), and Jean Nelson (back row, second to right).
Date: 198u
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Photograph of McKinney Fire Department]

Description: Photograph of several men standing on and around a McKinney Fire Department wagon drawn by a horse, in front of a building. The men are identified as Tom Floyd, Otie Saunders, Tom Cambliss, unidentified, Walter D. Howell, Lou B. Furr, Van O'Neal, Rodger Abernathy, Robert Goastree, Lennie McCawn, and Fred Burke.
Date: 1904~
Partner: Fire Museum of Texas

[Photograph of Beaumont Fire Department]

Description: Photograph of the men of the Beaumont Fire Department posing in uniform in front of the Central Fire Station. Those in the front row are Frank Varnado, George Corrigan, Austin Manuel, Ruie Akin, Steve O'Connor, Frank Estes, J. N. Richardson, John D. Southwell, R. N. Tullos, C. A. "Red" Chriswell, and Louie Carter. The men in the middle row are Jake Buck, Vic Duhon, A. B. O'Quinn, Bobby Chase, Bill Sharpe, John McNair, Oscar Wilkerson, Joe Curry, Ulysses Duggins, Leland Jones, A. A. Langford, Everett Pfleider, Albert Bostick, O. M. Joiner, Aubrey Dixon, and Ed Gross. The men in the third row are Camille Gonzales, A. J. LeBlanc, Ralph Shelton, Harold Heidecker, Don O'Dell, Vansler Fontenot, Harris N. Taylor, Aaron Long, Wesley Phillips, and Nick Hill.
Date: 1949
Partner: Fire Museum of Texas

[Men Sitting in Fire Truck]

Description: Photograph of men sitting in and standing around a fire truck from the Orange Fire Department. Several of the men are identified as George Rexes, Jessie Rexes, W. L. Adams, Caldwell, Spaul, E. P. Nies, Calvin Stakes, Shorty Gants, A. W. Barron, Wright Roan, George Caldwell, Jack Depew, Joe Crager, Jeff Guill, and Dave Moskier. Trees are visible in the background.
Date: 1919
Partner: Fire Museum of Texas

[Homer Hodges and Station #6]

Description: Photograph of a row of firemen with white shirts, black ties, and black trousers in a semi-circle. A man named Homer Hodges stands 9th from the left with the rest of the 6th Station firemen at Forest and Central.
Date: unknown
Partner: Dallas Firefighters Museum

[Group with Plaque]

Description: Photograph of six young people wearing white shirts and black ties. Their names, from left to right, are Karen Bass, Debra Carlin, Kevin Sipes, Phyllis Allen, Ruth Crow, and Ramaro Lopez.
Date: March 9, 1979
Partner: Dallas Firefighters Museum