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Statistics and information concerning the state of Texas: with its millions of acres of unoccupied lands...

Description: This book covers statistical information for the state of Texas. It includes "great inducements for the investment of capital, health for the invalid, interesting sights and scenes for the tourist and pleasure seeker, broad fields of research for the historian, unsurpassed hunting grounds for the sportsman, and other resources waiting to be unlocked by the key of capital in the hands of labor and industry" (title page).
Date: 1890
Creator: Missouri Pacific Railway Company.
Partner: UNT Libraries

Hunting Black Bear and Mountain Lions in the Davis Mountains in the 1940s

Description: Autobiographical paper by George E. Grubb, Sr. telling stories of bear and mountain lion hunts he participated in as a young man in the Davis Mountains. They used bloodhounds as hunting dogs to help them track bears for ranchers all around the area. Sometimes bear cubs were caught and kept as pets. Sometimes the men killed their prey but most of the time the animals got away.
Date: unknown
Creator: Grubb, George E., Sr.
Partner: Marfa Public Library

Texas Almanac, 1972-1973

Description: The almanac covers general topics about the state of Texas including statistics for individual counties, agriculture, expenditures, and weather, as well as discussions of legal and social issues of the time. An index to the newspapers published in Texas is on page [667].
Date: 1971
Partner: Texas State Historical Association

Texas Hunter Education Instructor Manual

Description: This document provides information about hunting to "reduce hunting accidents and violations, promote safe, responsible and knowledgeable hunting activities and enhancement of hunting traditions and values." (p. 9).
Date: July 2010
Creator: Texas. Parks and Wildlife Department.
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The Indian Years Coloring Book

Description: This document is a coloring book that provides a brief history and illustrations of the early Indians that occupied Texas.
Date: unknown
Creator: Texas. Parks and Wildlife Department. Cultural Resources Program.
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Water for West Texas Wildlife

Description: This document provides information derived from Texas Hunting license revenue and Texas hunting excise taxes on sporting arms and ammunition through Federal Aid Projects W-57-R, Trans-Pecos Game Management Survey, W-48-D, Black Gap Wildlife Management Area Development and W-67-D, Bighorn Sheep Development.
Date: 1992
Creator: Bone, Timothy L.
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[Letter from R. L. Landers to Charles B. Moore, March 3, 1891]

Description: Letter from R. L. Landers to Charles More in which Mr. Laners lists their mutual friends and reports on who is still living and who is deceased. He discusses his own family and their recent baby. He also writes about the scarcity of game "down on Sabina['s] old place." Mr. Landers served as the sheriff and later as a Justice of the Peace in Arkansas. He states that he wished he had joined Charles Moore in Texas. The weather, crop production and price, and sale of hogs and cattle are detailed.
Date: March 3, 1893
Creator: Landers, R. L.
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[Letter from Charles B. Moore to Linnet Moore, July 27, 1898]

Description: This is a letter from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is written by Charles B. Moore and is addressed to Linnet Moore. In this letter, Moore updates Linnet on the goings-on in Collin County. The news includes: a discussion about not receiving word from Linnet, details on receiving correspondence from Laura Jernigan and Jack, a weather update, community news, updates on going to the horse market, a discussion about Anderson who is much better after falling into John Chandler's well, additional community updates on friends and acquaintances, a discussion about hunting in the nation, a dialogue about receiving word that Walter Cox is dead, agricultural news, and details about a picnic above the bridges. Moore closes the letter by noting that Linnet should behave herself, have all the fun she can, and send word home often.
Date: July 27, 1898
Creator: Moore, Charles B.
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Description: Patent for a hunting trap that will "effectively prevent the escape of the captives." (Line 17) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: October 15, 1895
Creator: Wallace, Bar P.
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Description: Patent for "a trap of the character mentioned simple and efficient means for closing the entrance thereof, whereby an animal or fowl passing therethrough shall be prevented returning, and thus be held in the trap, and, further, to so construct such means as to permit the door of the trap remaining in an open position except when the animal or fowl attempts to pass out through the same, thereby affording a free passage to the interior of the trap and presenting and inducement for other animals or fowls to enter." (Lines 13-24) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Date: January 19, 1897
Creator: Williams, Lloyd Franklin
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Hunting Lamp.

Description: Patent for a new and improved lantern for hunting. This design "is to produce a light, cheap, and convenient lamp that can be carried upon the head with greater comfort, and at the same time be more efficient than any heretofore known" (lines 10-13).
Date: December 20, 1881
Creator: Brittan, Edward H.
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Description: Patent for a design for a mole trap that can be cheaply made but is also easy to set and use while also being reliable in trapping both moles and other small creatures.
Date: December 20, 1892
Creator: Nelson, George
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