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Carta Geographica Della Florida Nell' America Settentrionale

Description: This map shows most of the United States and portions of Mexico, circa 1750. Bodies of water and landforms (including mountains and the Florida Keys) are marked on the map (with relief shown pictorially). At the bottom of the map, there is also an illustration of Native Americans hunting lions with bows and arrows. Scale [ca. 1:6,250,000].
Date: 1750
Creator: L'Isle, Guillaume de, 1675-1726
Partner: University of Texas at Arlington Library

[Photograph of Illustration]

Description: Photograph of an illustration of a man holding an extended accordion in front of his body, with only his head visible above it. A small piece of paper is tacked below, with a tail-like object drawn out of several circles.
Date: [1942..1943]
Partner: The 12th Armored Division Memorial Museum

Texas Sesquicentennial Wagon Train Logo

Description: Photograph of Texas Sesquicentennial Wagon Train Logo pictured on metal siding. It includes a logo with the words "Texas Independence Association Texas Sesquicentennial, 1836-1986" and a drawing of a wagon, to the right.
Date: 1986
Creator: Cirincione, Nick
Partner: Tarrant County College NE, Heritage Room

Insulae Americanae in Oceano Septentrionali cum Terris adiacentibus.

Description: This map shows Central America and the Caribbean as well as the surrounding areas. Some countries and bodies of water are labeled. There are several series of radiating lines throughout the map as well as illustrations of ships within the ocean and people around the outsides of the map.
Date: 1671
Creator: Jansson, Jan, 1588-1664 & Montanus, Arnoldus, 1625?-1683
Partner: University of Texas at Arlington Library

[J.T. Sullivan & Co. Card]

Description: Card advertising "J.T. Sullivan & Co., Wholesale and Retail, boots and shoes, Corsicana & Waco, Texas." An illustration on the card shows a girl wearing a ruffled dress and hat, and holding a bouquet of flowers.
Date: unknown
Partner: Private Collection of T. B. Willis


Description: Historical compilation for the Melvin Evangelical Free Church in McCulloch County, Texas. This report includes a photograph and illustration of the church followed by a short history of the church from its creation around 1910 until its reopening in 1993.
Date: 1993-11?
Creator: Malmstrom, Virginia
Partner: McCulloch County Historical Commission

[Christmas Card with a Short Poem]

Description: Christmas card from Fowler's Grocery with an illustration of a snowy scene and a piece of text printed below that wishes a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas; at the end the note says thank you "for your business during the past year."
Date: unknown
Partner: Murphy Historical Society Inc.

[Postcard from Minnie Goff to Lois Matlock]

Description: Postcard from Minnie Goff to her friend Lois Matlock saying she saw her ad in the "Missouri and Kansas Farmer" expressing her desire to trade cards. Minnie also asks how old she is and when her birthday is. The image on the card depicts a home situated near a creek within a circle border surrounded by large flowers.
Date: 191u-02-23
Creator: Goff, Minnie
Partner: Murphy Historical Society Inc.

[Postcard Addressed to Lois Matlock, June 17, 1908]

Description: Postcard sent to Lois Matlock with an illustration depicting a man walking up to a woman and being surprised by her appearance once she moves out from behind her umbrella; the caption reads: "Things Are Not What They Seem." There are also random notes throughout the card, including names placed above the man and the woman.
Date: June 17, 1908
Partner: Murphy Historical Society Inc.

[Postcard of a Couple and Firemen]

Description: Illustrated postcard of a kissing couple within a burning heart, surrounded by firemen attempting to extinguish the fire with hoses and ladders. There is a Poem in German printed in the top left corner of the postcard. The back of the postcard has a handwritten message from the sender, saying, "My dear Sir! My best compliments for new year 1910!"
Date: December 1909
Partner: Fire Museum of Texas

Americæ Nova descriptio

Description: This map shows the western hemisphere including North and South America and the surrounding areas. Some regions are outlined in color and places, bodies of water, and geographic features are marked pictorially in color. There are several color illustrations of ships and creatures in the oceans. Place names are also noted. Scale [ca. 1:50,000,000].
Date: 1682
Creator: Seile, Anne, d. 1678 & Vaughan, Robert
Partner: University of Texas at Arlington Library

Improvement in Bailing-Presses.

Description: Patent for an improved bailing press consisting of "a novel arrangement of levers, connecting-bars, and cords, in combination with the follower and windlass, whereby the follower is worked in the downward direction for pressing, and in the opposite direction for elevating it to recharge the press, by the said windlass" (lines 5-11).
Date: January 2, 1872
Creator: Randolph, Jeremiah
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

[News Script: Artist group]

Description: Script from the WBAP-TV station in Fort Worth, Texas, covering a news story about a group of seven Fort Worth artists attempting to revive the art of printmaking, producing a portfolio of etched art prints.
Date: February 28, 1951
Creator: WBAP-TV (Television station : Fort Worth, Tex.)
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Postcard from Ellen to Miss Harthausen, October 7, 1910]

Description: Postcard from Ellen to Miss Harthausen, promising to write a letter when she has time. The front of the postcard features an illustration of three buildings lining a street - one two-story building and two one-story buildings. The building on the far right has a sign for a bakery. Two automobiles and a small buggy are parked along the street.
Date: October 7, 1910
Partner: Patrick Heath Public Library

[Postcard from Lillian to Mrs. Albert Schaenemann, August 9, 1917]

Description: Postcard Lillian to Mrs. Albert Schaenemann, thanking her for her card, saying she's having a wonderful time, and writing that she will be home on Sunday. The front of the postcard features an illustration of a man standing in a boat on a small lake. On the shore behind the man, a group of people and tall trees line a concrete ledge, looking out over the water. Behind the trees, a large field is just visible.
Date: August 9, 1917
Partner: Patrick Heath Public Library

[Postcard from Henry to Mr. Fritz Adler, January 29, 1913]

Description: Postcard from Henry to Mr. Fritz Adler, discussing his father's illness. He says that his father is still weak, but the doctor says if he pulls through the next two days, he will be out of danger. The front of the postcard features an perspective view illustration of a long, wide road. There are wooded areas on either side of the road, and the roof of a house is just barely visible in the wooded area on the right side.
Date: January 29, 1913
Partner: Patrick Heath Public Library

[Postcard to Mrs. Fritz Adler, April 23, 1911]

Description: Postcard to Mrs. Fritz Adler in San Antonio, Texas. The front of the postcard features an illustration of a two-story L-shaped, white house with a front porch and tall trees obscuring the front of the house. Two white benches sit on the lawn within the trees, facing each other.
Date: 1911-04-24~
Partner: Patrick Heath Public Library