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[Correspondence between Meyer Bodansky and James B. McNaught - November 1939]

Description: Letters between Dr. Meyer Bodansky, who is from the University of Texas School of Medicine, and Dr. James B. McNaught, who is from the School of Medicine at Stanford University. The first letter is from Dr. McNaught, and is dated November 10, 1939. The letter informs Dr. Bodansky that he is being sent two live rats for experimentation. The letter continues to explain specific details on how to go about performing an experiment that observes how rats respond to a trichinosis infection. The second letter, which is a response from Dr. Bodansky, is dated November 16, 1939. The letter thanks Dr. McNaught for sending the rats, and states that a refund is included for the cost of shipping the animals.
Date: November 10, 1939
Creator: Bodansky, Meyer, 1896-1941 & McNaught, James B.
Item Type: Letter
Partner: Moody Medical Library, UT