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[Assortment of Hand-Drawn Maps of Tracts of Land in Kerr County]

Description: Assortment of 12 hand-drawn maps outlining the borders of different pieces of land in Kerr County; the Moore tract, Goodread tract, Bigford tract, and Burney tract are all drawn on the separate pages. On the back of the envelope there is a list of claims and deeds made between A. S. Moore, George L. Leigh, and Edward B. Leigh.
Date: [1891..1901]
Partner: Butt-Holdsworth Memorial Library

[Two Statements of Land Tracts in Kerr County]

Description: Two documents relating to a land tract belonging to Sellers and Leigh in Kerr County denoted "Patent No. 224." One document has a drawing of the borders of the land with acreage posted as well; the other document contains a statement by J. H. Brown discussing portions of survey number 1429 and sharing coordinates of the land.
Date: 1900~
Partner: Butt-Holdsworth Memorial Library

[Hand-Drawn Map of the Steele Tract of Land]

Description: Hand-drawn map detailing the Steele tract of land in Kerr County; the map details the perimeters of the land including their length, the plot on the left contains 75 acres and the one on the right contains 160 acres. The envelope contains information about the Musson Place, and a mentioning of a sheriff's deed in June 1900.
Date: 1900~
Partner: Butt-Holdsworth Memorial Library

[Two Documents Relating to Land Tracts and Sales]

Description: Two documents related to separate tracts of land, one is a drawing of a piece of land belonging to George Bigford and the other is a promissory note from George L. Leigh to Joseph Heimen. On the back of the map there is a note describing the location and borders of the land belonging to Bigford. The promissory note states that George promises "to pay to the order of Joseph Heimen, Six Hundred Dollars at Comfort, Texas with 9% interest...from date until paid." This note "is given for the part purchase money for 320 acres of land situated in Kerr County."
Date: October 13, 1890
Creator: Leigh, George L.
Partner: Butt-Holdsworth Memorial Library

[Statement to the Surveyor of Laredo]

Description: Statement to José Antonio Gutiérrez de Lara saying the measurements made by him do not correspond with those from former times and lands already granted even in more recent times by the municipality. According to the statement, the ayuntamiento wants adjustments made.
Date: 1830-11~
Partner: St. Mary's University Louis J. Blume Library

[Land Grant Indenture Document]

Description: Legal document for an indenture between James Winchester and Israel Moore of Sumner County, Tennessee which grants Moore land when he can pay $100 to the current owner, written October 17th, 1796. There are addenda acknowledging the land transfer, finalized in December, 1797.
Date: December 13, 1797
Creator: Tennessee
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Land Sale Document]

Description: Document selling 150 acres of land held by Ziza Moore to Elizabeth, M. B., and Nancy E. Damron. According to the agreement, the Damron family will pay $2,000 for the land in installments, including interest. The document is signed by Ziza Moore and two witnesses.
Date: September 11, 1866
Creator: Bedford County (Tenn.)
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections