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[The Yeager Building - Mineral Wells, Texas]

Description: The Yeager Building, located on the southwest corner of NE 1st Street and NE 1st Avenue is shown here. Concrete lettering in the gable atop the building (barely visible in the photograph)identifies it as "YEAGER BLOCK". The building once had a metal lion mounted atop it, giving rise to the story that the business was named "The Lion Drug." Descendants of Dr. Yeager do not recall the place's ever having that name. A casual reference to the building in 1912 gives it as "The Lion Drug", however. The metal lion met its fate by being donated for scrap in a drive for metal during World War II.
Date: unknown
Item Type: Photograph
Partner: Boyce Ditto Public Library

[Account Book and Miscellaneous Notes]

Description: Ledger containing an accounting of various purchases and payments with inserted receipts for medical supplies, as well as miscellaneous medical notes.
Date: 1889/1895
Creator: Pound, Joseph
Item Type: Book
Partner: Dr. Pound Historical Farmstead