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[Scrapbook Page: U.S.S. Texas Guns Firing]

Description: Photographs of U.S.S. Texas guns firing over the ocean. The first photo is of the guns firing at night, with a note that says "Firing night battle practice." The second photo is of the guns firing during the day, with a note that says "Firing broadside." On the back of the page is a cartoon drawing of a man.
Date: unknown
Partner: Texas Parks & Wildlife Department

[Photograph of R. W. Coyne in U.S.S. Texas Navigation Office]

Description: Photograph of two men in a small office on U.S.S. Texas. A note included with the photo describes the scene: "The view of the navigation office to the right of the entrance and opposite the desk: The individual standing is R. W. Coyne, a photo striker. He did not live in the office. He is probably using a paper cutter to trim the borders of photographs. I (sewing) am seated on the cover of an opening through which 40mm clips of ammunition were passed to supply the 40mm quad just outside the office door. In the far corner is a filing cabinet with one drawer partially open. A shelf was attached to what I assume was part of the structure for the mast. On the shelf is a barograph which made a record of changes in the atmospheric pressure. On top of the barograph is the telephone. The table (or desk) was quite high. Note that the top of the table is above Coyne's waist. I sat on a tall stool when I worked on weather maps. The lower right corner of a map is visible in the lower left side of the photograph. The corner of the map is fastened down with a thumb tack. The top of the table was covered with a dark red composition which permitted thumb tacks to be used, but its surface was smooth and hard enough to be used as a writing and drawing surface. The table was supported by metal brackets, and I believe there was a shelf under the table. The top edge of the table was against the bulkhead."
Date: unknown
Partner: Texas Parks & Wildlife Department

[Pediment on the Second Building of the First Presbyterian Church]

Description: This photograph shows the pediment of the south-west entrance to the First Presbyterian Church (This is its third building) at 300 NW 4th Avenue. The acanthus ornaments on top of the pediment (in Classical times, a guard against dripping rain), have no real function. The dentils that line the interior of the pediment are not Classical, nor are the capitals of of the pillars.
Date: 1980
Partner: Boyce Ditto Public Library

[Gay Urban Truth Squad Button]

Description: Square, black button on a small plastic stand. There is a pink triangle near the top, with a purple "stamp" that says "G*U*T*S" and the words "Gay Urban Truth Squad" written at the bottom. The Gay Urban Truth Squad (GUTS) was a side project of the Dallas Gay Alliance.
Date: unknown
Creator: Monroe, Bruce
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Terry Tebedo Banner]

Description: Photograph of a banner with three horizontal sections, hung on a curtain. The top section says "Terry Tebedo 'Memory Maker'" and has images of birds in flight; the middle section has an image of a baseball cap in the background with the name "Mikey" over it, in memory of Mike Hearn, who was a Dallas caterer and supporter of the AIDS Resource Center; the lower section has an image of a Pegasus flying over the name "Howie Daire." This was part of the AIDS Memorial Quilt and it honors all three men.
Date: 1986
Creator: Hanson, Andy
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

Texas EMS Magazine, Volume 33, Number 6, November/December 2012

Description: Bimonthly magazine containing news and information that pertains to Emergency Medical Service (EMS) providers. "The magazine's goals are to help organizations function professionally as EMS providers, to educate individuals so they can perform lifesaving prehospital skills under stressful conditions, and to help the public get into the EMS system when they need it" (p. 4).
Date: November 2012
Creator: Texas. Department of State Health Services.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department