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[Correspondence between Meyer Bodansky and A. L. Dean - December 16, 1939 - January 6, 1940]

Description: Letters between Dr. Meyer Bodansky, who is from the Department of Pathological Chemistry at the University of Texas School of Medicine, and A. L. Dean, who is the Secretary of the Wellcome Historical Medical Museum in London, England. The first letter, which is dated December 16, 1939, is from Dr. Bodansky. He explains that he recently has been interested in Scottish medicine, and has been studying scholarly volumes and manuscripts. He requests that the museum send him a particular volume of work over John D. Comrie that is entitled, "History of Scottish Medicine". The second letter is a response from the Secretary, and is dated January 6, 1940. The Secretary explains that the volumes are only distributed by the publisher, and provides the name and address of who to contact.
Date: December 16, 1939
Creator: Bodansky, Meyer, 1896-1941 & Dean, A. L.
Partner: Moody Medical Library, UT

DAR honors Ernestine Thompson

Description: Announcement for the reception when the Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R.) honored Ernestine Thompson with the Community Service Award at the W.H. Passon Historical Society on May 21, 2006. Ernestine collected artifacts for the Jacob Fontaine Religious Museum.
Date: May 21, 2006
Partner: Jacob Fontaine Religious Museum

Miss Lillie's Guest Book

Description: Guest book from the French Legation Museum (formerly the Republic of Texas French Embassy) containing the signatures of visitors as well as their towns of origin and dates that they visited the museum. There is a photograph of the museum on the front with a caption explaining its origins. Additionally, there is a newspaper clipping pasted into the book before the start of the register from 1924 entitled "The Register At The French Embassy" describing the history of the guest book.
Date: unknown
Partner: French Legation Museum

[Dedication of the "Little Rock Schoolhouse" Museum: A Marker is Unveiled]

Description: A marker commemorating the conversion of Mineral Wells' first school to a museum. "The Little Rock Schoolhouse" was built in 1884, and though tuition was charged to the students to pay the teacher, the school building, itself, was built by the city. A granite marker to commemorate the conversion of the school to a museum was unveiled at this dedication.
Date: April 14, 1978
Partner: Boyce Ditto Public Library

Union Station in Downtown Paris

Description: Photograph of the 1912 Union Station located west of downtown Paris, Texas, taken from the back parking lot. The roof has a wide overhang with extra supports. The entrance to the Chamber of Commerce office is visible (a sign is hanging from the overhang in front of the door); bales of hay, scarecrows, and pumpkins are arranged outside the office as decoration. The Transportation Museum is in the far end of the building.
Date: November 13, 2008
Creator: Bell, Jim
Partner: Private Collection of Jim Bell

[Kansas City Southern Passenger Car]

Description: Photograph of a Kansas City Southern Passenger Car. The car is painted with the words, "Kansas City Southern, Port Arthur." There is a row of windows down the side of the car with shades partially drawn. It is hooked on both sides to more cars.
Date: unknown
Partner: Port Arthur Public Library

[Kansas City Southern Locomotive]

Description: Photograph of a Kansas City Southern steam locomotive before being given for a museum display. The front portion is a light metallic color while the rest of the locomotive is dark. A bell is attached to the top with a rope running from it into the cab. A large light is on the very front of the locomotive. The adjacent coal car reads, "Kansas City Southern."
Date: unknown
Partner: Port Arthur Public Library