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[Jean Nelson Ribbon Cutting at Nelson - Tebedo Clinic Opening]

Description: Photograph of Jean Nelson cutting rainbow colored ribbons in honor of opening of the Nelson - Tebedo Clinic. An exam table and counter are visible behind her. Handwritten on the back of the photo are the words, "Jean Nelson. (Bill's mother) Oct. 1990. Opening of Clinic." Jean was the mother of Bill Nelson, one of the clinic's namesakes, and a LGBT and AIDS activist.
Date: October 1990
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Letter from Lula Dalton to Linnet Moore, April 28 - May 4, 1899]

Description: This is a letter from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is written by Lula Dalton and is addressed to Linnet Moore. The letters are dated April 28, 1899 and May 1, 1899. In these first two letters, Lula informs Linnet of the goings-on in her community. The news includes: a discussion about her wrapper and hat, a dialogue about going riding with the White's and Lorena, and details about going to visit the Taylor family. She closes the letter by stating that she needs to read her lesson for the Club meeting and will tell her the remainder of the news soon. In Lula's next letter, dated May 3, 1899, she continues to detail the goings-on in her life and in the community. She discusses their trip to the Taylor's and notes their return trip was pleasant, notes that she stayed with Mrs. White that night because she was sick, and mentions the sewing projects she is working on at present. She closes the letter by stating that she has not yet received a letter from Linnet and hope she is not ill. Lula sends lots of love to Linnet and wishes her sweet dreams. She begins another letter on Thursday May, 4, 1899. In this brief letter, she notes that she has still not received word from Linnet and is feeling anxious about her well-being. She updates Linnet on her sewing projects and mentions that school will be out soon. She wishes that Linnet were there to go to the commencement with her. She closes the letter by sending lots of love and hopes to hear from Linnet soon. The envelope is included with the letter.
Date: April 28, 1899
Creator: Dalton, Lula
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

Ribbon and Braid Holder.

Description: Patent for a new and improved ribbon and braid holder. This design "consist[s] of [a] V-shaped wire having the cross-piece and the pin, having eyes at its ends, through which eyes the shanks of the V-shaped wire pass freely . . . [and] [t]he combination, with the roll, having the central aperture" (lines 55-61).
Date: July 14, 1885
Creator: Stone, Charles M.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Ribbon Holder.

Description: Patent for a new and improved ribbon holder. This design consists in "[a] rotary ribbon-holder case made in sections having slots and arc-latches, and the removable rotary-spindles, having squared portions to engage the spools and projecting heads, formed with necks to engage the arc-latches and key-sets" (lines 70-75).
Date: November 6, 1883
Creator: Lane, Isaac Theophilus
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

[United States Navy Ribbon With Honorable Service Lapel, "Ruptured Duck", Pin]

Description: A piece of ribbon with the words "U.S. Navy" flanked by a flag and anchor on each side. Also on the ribbon is an Honorable Discharge pin, known as a "The Ruptured Duck." It is gold-colored metal, with an eagle facing right with wings spread perched within a ring which displays thirteen vertical stripes. The right wing of the eagle is behind the ring and the left wing is behind the ring. The "Ruptured Duck" was given to all Honorably Discharged military personnel, allowing them to wear their uniforms after leaving their service due to their inability to afford civilian clothes. At the same time, the pin let Military Police know that the wearer was not AWOL (Away Without Leave).
Date: unknown
Partner: Private Collection of the Sutherlin Family

[George Washington]

Description: Color postcard with a portrait of George Washington in an oval frame topped with red, white, and blue ribbons. Below the picture is written, "Here's to the Birthday we now celebrate." Correspondence on the back reads, "Lookout tomorrow, mailed on the 12.40 Train for a 'ery vay ersonal pay' etter lay. #9 -Lovingly, Rosa Edna has a new girl."
Date: unknown
Partner: Private Collection of Joe E. Haynes

Opening of Teller 24

Description: Copy negative of Syd Niblo and Jack Gressett cutting a large ribbon at the opening of Teller 24 in Abilene, Texas. Mr. Niblo is wearing a white suit, glasses and striped tie.
Date: unknown
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library

Cast of School Play

Description: Copy negative of the cast of a school play in Peach Creek, Texas. The group includes Andrew Hefner, Lillian Brockman, Nellie Maupin, Henry Davis, Beatrice Gilmore, May Brockman, Frankie Baskett, Manie Hodge, Bertie Baskett, Oma Johnston, Maggie Rucker, Aggie Rucker, Hettie Kirkland, Verna Smith, Gertie Gilmore, Suzie Milam, Jess Davis, Tom Hefner, Lewis Smith, Lela Hefner, Walter Milam and Eugene Milam. The group is arranged with three young men in military uniforms on either side of several young women in white dresses and sashes. In the center are two women and one man in costumes from the 1700s. Above the group is a banner that reads, "GLADLY WE GREET YOU". In the foreground are several empty benches.
Date: unknown
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library