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[Letter from Lula Dalton to Linnet Moore, March 12-20, 1899]

Description: She is happy that they write each other everyday. She talks about what happened after dinner. Minnie had an old friend from school visit. She talked about her to her family and they are all happy to hear about Linnet's welfare. She always think of her. She saw Jim who acted like he hadn't heard from Linnet. Lorena saw Jett who also hadn't heard from Linnet. She talks about teaching and hearing a sermon. She received a letter from Melvin and Carter. She plans to see her in June. She talks about what she did Monday and the reason why she was unable to write Monday night. She had a weird dream Sunday night. She talks about the weather and hopes it will rain. She washed some clothes and did some reading. She went with Minnie to look at Mr. Darbis' flowers. Minnie received a letter from Linnet's father. She received a letter from Mr. Taylor who sent only Linnet love. She calls Linnet her adopted daughter and asks about the boys Linnet met. She heard about a letter from Linnet to Jim Cook. She sent a letter to Carter that she would not be going to Austin and that he needed to come home. She hasn't told anyone but Linnet and Lorena that she might plan to go and visit Linnet in September. She had a very lonely day Thursday. She writes about the articles that she is reading. Minnie received a letter from Kate Thomas. Carter came home and she went to a lecture with him. She then names off some new couples. She thought she had broken the door to the Judge's Office. She says that LInnet needs to respond to Jett, even if it is that she doesn't want to write him. She does not like ...
Date: March 12, 1899
Creator: Dalton, Lula
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Letter from C. B. Moore to Linnet, May 29, 1895]

Description: He mentions the improvement of Henry's health. He did some plowing and her mother helped him with the bushels. He talks about the weather. Her mother has eggs and butter to take to town. He says that the small pox is still bad. The cases in McKinney he feels are lies spread by Dr. Wiliy. He sold his cow and mentions the foods they have. He discusses on how she will get home.
Date: May 29, 1895
Creator: Moore, C. B.
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[Letter from Sally Thornhill to Mary Moore, July 21, 1907]

Description: Letter from Sally Thornhill to Mary Moore. She wanted to write sooner, but it was too hot and he wasn't feeling well. She mentions what was eaten for dinner. She talks about hard times, but is thankful. She talks about the crops of wheat and corn. She talks about prices and practices for farming. She comments on how Mary is feeling blue about taking care of the farm and gives some advice for it. Sally went to go visit Mr. Thornhill's sister, who was not feeling well. She also saw Aunt Jane who also was not feeling well. She tended to Sue's chickens and turkeys. Alice and her mother went back to Texas, but Sally has not heard from them. She stayed at Alice's and it felt like old times. Sabina and Dr. J. B. Walton died. She talks about the trip she wants to go on. She talks about the weather and the rain they need. She talks about the teachers at the schools. She asks if anyone in the Rucker family got small pox. She is working hard and her children papered her room. She talks about her chickens.
Date: July 21, 1907
Creator: Thornhill, Sally
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[Letter from John Stewart to C. B. Moore, June 7,1901]

Description: Letter from John Stewart to C. B. Moore. He talks about his health and about getting older. His cough has stayed with him still. He says everyone else is well and mentions what Stewart Williams is doing. He talks about grand children. Cary Nimmo is in Nashville. He talks about the small pox that has broken out there. Dr. Hiran Moore died. He mentions all the kinds of doctors they have. He mentions a few more friends and how they are doing.
Date: June 7, 1901
Creator: Stewart, John
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[Letter from Mary Moore to Charles and Linnet Moore and Willie, January 10, 1900]

Description: Letter to Charles and Linnet Moore and Willie McGee. She mentions that a lot of their friends have moved. She made broom weed syrup for their cough. Birdie and Mattie had a small party the other night. Birdie tells Linnet to write. Linnet's father said she had written, but she hasn't sent it. Just like Lenora never received Linnet's letter either. She mentions the measles and small pox are going around. Sunday she had visitors and Mr. Love want her to stay all night, but she thinks he drinks. She got an apron and two handkerchiefs for her birthday. She asks what Linnet is doing, since she doesn't write, and if she is tired of cooking. She says that good money can be made there because items are sold by the pound. She asks how her friends are. She is going to see Mrs. Ellis who is not doing well. Nicy Blackamare married a Mr. Hassell. She comments on John Brown, Henry A. Wise, Mrs. Nation and prohibition.
Date: January 10, 1900
Creator: Moore, Mary
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections