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[McAllen, Texas: Home of the Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit and Square Dancing Capital of the World]

Description: This film is unedited television footage regarding events and sites in McAllen, Texas and the nearby town of Mission. It includes footage of the Mission Citrus Fiesta of 1995, a citrus grove, and a square dance gathering. The film begins in Mission, TX, and captures footage of the Citrus Fiesta parade, including: family groups and spectators; souvenir vendors; the Mission High School JROTC Eagle Battalion of the US Army; Mission Junior High and Mission High School marching bands, dancers, color guard, and cheerleaders all in burgundy, white, and gold uniforms; various floats advertising "Border Fest", "Citrus Fiesta '95", "Texas, 1995", Converse shoe brand, Miss Hidalgo 1995, E.R. Chapa Elementary School, and Mission Bell Resort; bald eagle and bee mascots; female pageant winners in ball gowns; and the local police. The next segment of the film takes place in McAllen and features a citrus grove and an adjoining country store called Klement's Grove. The store sells and offers samples of citrus fruits like grapefruit, tangerines, and oranges. Miscellaneous scenes cover: a cookout and social gathering of senior citizens; a mission bell tower; and grazing cows. Last, the film shows an indoor square dance gathering, with traditional costumes, musicians, and dance leaders.
Date: unknown
Partner: UNT Media Library

[Postcard to Mayme Collins from Galveston, Texas]

Description: Postcard addressed to Mayme Collins in Central City, Nebraska from Harry Bahl in Galveston, Texas; the picture on the card is entitled "Down she goes" and is a "Souvenir of Galveston Beach" and shows a girl diving into a body of water while wearing a dress. The note on the back reads, in part: "Be good and careful."
Date: August 5, 1907
Creator: Bahl, John Philip Herlin
Partner: Private Collection of Margay Welch

Design for a Badge or Medal.

Description: Design patent for a round souvenir badge or medal that has an image of a star on the front with a portrait in the center, and rays emanating toward the outside edge used for text. The back of the medal has an image of the Texas state capitol and spaces for additional text. The design also includes a suspending-bar shaped as a bald eagle with spread wings, holding crossed rifles.
Date: December 6, 1887
Creator: Maxcy, John Wharton
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

Design for a Spoon.

Description: Design patent for a souvenir spoon typical or representative of the state of Texas; "The leading feature of [the] design is a head and bust of Davy Crockett, which forms the outer and wide end of the handle...About the middle of the shank and projecting on each side of the same is the lone star, while on the bowl of the spoon is a representation of the old building known as the 'Alamo'" (lines 14-22).
Date: August 23, 1892
Creator: Hughes, Joseph A.
Partner: UNT Libraries Government Documents Department

[Cover of Souvenir Program]

Description: Photograph of The cover of a program with an image of a train and the text "Testimonial Dinner honoring John L. Lancaster, President of the Texas and Pacific Railway Co. and official staff. Fort Worth Club Nov 2, 1931 --- 7:30 P.M." Handwritten text below the image says "Souvenir Folder - honoring T&P President John L. Lancaster."
Date: unknown
Partner: The Grace Museum

[Institute of Texan Cultures Kiosk]

Description: Photograph of the Institute of Texan Cultures Information and Souvenirs booth at the Texas Folklife Festival. The square booth has t-shirts and hats hanging up inside of it. Two visitors are standing on one side talking to one of the four booth workers. At the top on each side is a sign that reads, "Kiosk, Souvenirs & Information."
Date: [1977-08-04..1977-08-07]
Partner: University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections

[Woman Helping Visitors at Souvenir and Information Booth]

Description: Photograph of a woman helping festival visitors at the Institute of Texan Cultures Information and Souvenirs booth at the Texas Folklife Festival. The dark-haired woman is behind the booth, across from three festival visitors who are visible from behind. Hats, festival t-shirts, and buttons are hanging up all over the booth. Small signs are displaying price information for each item.
Date: [1977-08-04..1977-08-07]
Partner: University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections

[Program: Coryell County Centennial, May 1954]

Description: Souvenir program for the Coryell County Centennial celebration, held by the Gatesville Chamber of Commerce, from May 6-9, 1954, in Gatesville, Texas. Includes the history of Coryell County with photographs and illustrations, details of events held during the centennial, and advertisements from local businesses.
Date: 1954-05~
Creator: The Gatesville Messenger
Location Info:
Partner: Private Collection of Mary Newton Maxwell

[Postcard of Gatesville, Texas High School Exterior]

Description: Postcard with a photo of the exterior of Gatesville High School on the front. The school is at least three-stories tall, with windows along each story, and a steep flight of steps leading up to the entrance. There is a partition wall running parallel to the front of the school, and several large trees blocking another building adjoining the school. Clouds are visible in the sky in the background, and a grassy lawn in the foreground. On the back are the postcard markings with a short description of the photo and the photographer's name.
Date: unknown
Creator: John A. Stryker
Partner: Private Collection of Mary Newton Maxwell

Glass mugs

Description: Two amber-colored glass mugs with a picture of the Washington State Park Museum. There is a gold stripe near the rim of each mug with the words "Washington State Park Museum" on it.
Date: unknown
Partner: Star of the Republic Museum


Description: A small, smoky gray, square, glass ashtray with a picture of the Washington State Park Museum in the center. "Washington State Park Museum" is printed on it in gold lettering and a simple gold border surrounds the picture.
Date: unknown
Partner: Star of the Republic Museum

Souvenir Views of Mineral Wells, Texas

Description: Shown here is a bottle-shaped souvenir of Mineral Wells. It consists of fourteen folios, showing various views of the attractions found in Mineral Wells. The clothing of the people photographed suggests a date of the early twentieth century.
Date: unknown
Creator: Yeager Drug Co.
Partner: Boyce Ditto Public Library

D.W. Griffith Presents "The Birth of a Nation"

Description: This photograph illustrates a souvenir program from the silent motion picture, "The Birth of a Nation, the Most Stupendous and Fascinating Motion Picture Drama Created in the United States. Founded on Thomas Dixon's story 'The Clansman' " The motion picture presents an early 20th-century Southern view of Reconstruction.
Date: April 1, 1924
Creator: Griffith, D.W.
Partner: Boyce Ditto Public Library

Souvenir At Close of School

Description: Booklet containing poems (including "Bring Back My School Days to Me") and two pages noting the school, teacher, school officers, and pupils. Souvenir is from "Lower Valley School, District No. 33, Cibolo, Guadalupe County, Texas, May 20, 1921."
Date: May 20, 1921
Creator: Lower Valley School
Partner: Northeast Lakeview College