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Ceramic vase

Description: Floral painted Victorian style ceramic vase with pot metal spout, handle, and foot
Date: unknown
Partner: Star of the Republic Museum

[Potter Making a Vase]

Description: Photograph of Larry Mouce, potter from Kenedy, making a clay vase at a booth at the second annual Texas Folklife Festival. The potter is standing in front of a table, forming clay in his hands, while festival participants watch. Several molded vases of various sizes are on the table. Other booths are visible in the background.
Date: [1973-09-07..1973-09-09]
Item Type: Photograph
Partner: University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections

[Bell, Plaque, and Flower Vases on Stone Construction]

Description: Slide of a medium-sized plaque placed within a type of stone altar. Mounted on top is a black bell with a supporting structure holding it upright. Two pots flank either side, both of which have a register of decorative schema running along their width. "Elephant ear" plants have been placed inside them. The actual plaque has an inscription of text in golden relief. It reads: "This property has been placed on the National Register of Historical Places by the United States Department of the Interior."
Date: unknown
Item Type: Photograph
Partner: Burnet County Historical Commission

[Photograph of a Safe]

Description: Photograph of a black safe with flowers in a woven vase and a decorative box on top of it, in the Limestone County courthouse in Groesbeck, Texas.
Date: August 13, 2010
Creator: Bell, Jim
Item Type: Photograph
Location Info:
Partner: Private Collection of Jim Bell

[Client Card: Mr. A. F. Brinckerhoff]

Description: Client card describing work completed at the Roman Bronze Works Foundry for Mr. A. F. Brinckerhoff, including a job number, brief description, monetary amount, and dates associated with each entry. Piece included: "Color Vase C.P.".
Date: November 1933
Creator: Roman Bronze Works Foundry
Item Type: Text
Partner: Amon Carter Museum

[Drawing Room at Brown Home in Orange]

Description: Photograph of the drawing room inside of the E.W. Brown home on Green Avenue in Orange, Texas. The room has a large chandelier, antique furnitire, hand painted vases, a marble statue of a woman, and lace curtains.
Date: unknown
Item Type: Photograph
Partner: Heritage House Museum