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[Sam Myres and his Buscadero Gunbelt]

Description: Newspaper clipping that talks about Sam Myres and his role as the inventor of the Buscadero Gunbelt. This belt was extremely efficient due to the fact that the belt "canted the pistol butt forward, and the holster toe backward, permitting the wearer to whip out his pistol efficiently and quickly." It goes on to explain that buscadero means "the one who is hunted" or "the one who was hunted." In the top right of the article, there are two pictures, the one on the left is a headshot of Sam Myres from the chest up. He is wearing a tan suit with a tan cowboy hat. On the left, there is a picture of Captain John R. Hughes of the Texas Rangers who assisted in the invention of the Buscadero belt. In the picture he is wearing suit with a black tie, tan cowboy hat, and white beard.
Date: January 12, 1962
Creator: Braddy, Haldeen
Partner: Pioneer City County Museum