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Oral History Interview with Herman Felts Hart

Description: Interview with Herman Felts Hart, a United States Army veteran of World War II. This interview highlights his being raised in Arkansas, followed by his enlistment into the Army during WWII; Hart served in Germany during the last few months of the war, and the conditions he was met with once he arrived.
Date: 1995~
Creator: Troutman, Angie & Hart, Herman Felts
Partner: Lee College

Oral History Interview with John Andrews, March 26, 2004

Description: Interview with John Andrews, a veteran of the U.S. Army Air Corps from Kentwood, Louisiana. It includes a list of questions regarding Andrews's training and service in World War II as a B-29 command pilot and flight instructor throughout the United States.
Date: March 26, 2004
Creator: Coy, Larisa L. & Andrews, John
Partner: Lee College

Oral History Interview with Robert Bean, November 15, 2004

Description: Interview with Robert Bean, a veteran who was wounded in action during World War II from Kirbyville, Texas. The transcript includes a list of questions, which focus on Bean's service with the 12th Armored Infantry Division of the U.S. Army in France and Germany, including his injuries and experience liberating two concentration camps.
Date: June 20, 2005
Creator: Gammon, Robert & Bean, Robert
Partner: Lee College

Oral History Interview with Larry Aldrich, December 2, 2003

Description: Interview with Larry Aldrich, a U.S. Air Force veteran who served in England during the Iraqi war. Aldrich describes his experiences when he enlisted including his training and work as a guard at a nuclear weapons storage facility and later, overseas at RAF Lakenheath.
Date: December 2, 2003
Creator: Thibodaux, Dana & Aldrich, Larry
Partner: Lee College