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Primary view of [Food Pantry update, Direct Client Services, April 1999]
Franklin, Mary
April 1999
Primary view of [Client Advocacy/Ombudsman Group information, April 1998]
Franklin, Mary
April 1998
Primary view of [RetroActive Clothing Bank and Thrift Store information, October 1997]
Franklin, Mary
October 1997
Primary view of [Letter from Beatrice Martinez and Santos Cortez to Mary Franklin, April 7, 1995]
Martinez, Beatrice & Cortez, Santos
April 7, 1995
Primary view of [Letter from Jay W. Oppenheimer to John Thomas, February 22, 1994]
Oppenheimer, Jay W.
February 22, 1994
Primary view of [Copy of Alan Ross award to Mary Franklin by the Dallas Tavern Guild, September 19, 1999]
Dallas Tavern Guild
September 19, 1993
Primary view of [A copy of a booklet from the Experience, Incorporated, July 1993]
unknown creator
July 1993
Primary view of [Document of Stats, June 30, 1993]
unknown creator
June 30, 1993
Primary view of [The Annual Extra Mile Award banquet booklet]
unknown creator
May 15, 1993
Primary view of [Letter from Brian H. Drummond to John Thomas, April 12, 1993]
Drummond, Brian H.
April 12, 1993
Primary view of [Letter to Mary Franklin from Letter from Joyce Hunter and Richard M. Isay, February 27, 1993]
Hunter, Judy
February 27, 1993
Primary view of [Memorandum from John F. Vargo to Mary Franklin, January 5, 1993]
Vargo, John F.
January 5, 1993
Primary view of [Copy of Extra Mile Award 1993 presented to Mary Franklin]
unknown creator