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Primary view of Address of honorable members of Congress, the state of Louisiana, to the convention.
Slidell, John, 1793-1871; Benjamin, J. P. (Judah Philip), 1811-1884; Landrum, John M. (John Morgan), 1815-1861 & Davidson, T. G.
January 14, 1861
Primary view of An act prohibiting slavery : [message from the Executive to the House of Representatives of the Territory of Nebraska].
Black, Samuel W., 1818-1862.
Primary view of Address of the Hon. Charles L. Scott, of California, to his constituents, on the constitutional right of secession.
Scott, Charles L. 1827-1899. (Charles Lewis)
Primary view of Communication from John Tyler, president of a convention, assembled in the City of Washington, to adjust the differences which now disturb the peace of the Union, inclosing the report of that convention, accompanied by a proposed amendment to the Constitution of the United States, and asking its submission to conventions in the States.
Tyler, John
Primary view of Cosmopolitan ideas on the Union ...
unknown creator
Primary view of Disunion and its results to the South : a letter from a resident of Washington to a friend in South Carolina.
Hodge, William L.
Primary view of The existing revolution; its causes and results.
Pickett, Charles E., 1820-1882
Primary view of Speech of Hon. George W. Summers, on federal relations in the Virginia convention, delivered March 11, 1861.
Summers, George W. (George William), 1804-1868
Primary view of The state of the country : an article republished from the Southern Presbyterian review
Thornwell, James Henley, 1812-1862