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[Letter from Dr. Charles A. Rush, Jr. to Mr. C. Lincoln Williston, January 12, 1987]

Description: Letter from Dr. Charles A. Rush, Jr. to Mr. C. Lincoln Williston thanking him for sending a copy of a letter for Dr. May Owen. He mentions Phil Overton's death, and that the Allied Northeast Bank Trust Department will write to Mr. Williston about moving the interest on Dr. Owen's CD to their bank.
Date: January 12, 1987
Creator: Rush, Charles A., Jr.
Partner: Texas Medical Association

[Letter from C. Lincoln Williston to Dr. Charles A. Rush, Jr., June 12, 1985]

Description: Letter from C. Lincoln Williston to Dr. Charles A. Rush, Jr. discussing a news release regarding the honorary degrees presented to Dr. May Own and Dr. James H. Sammons by Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. He also mentions an article in the May issue of Texas Medicine magazine.
Date: June 12, 1985
Creator: Williston, C. Lincoln
Partner: Texas Medical Association

1919 Class Picture

Description: Class photograph of the University of Texas Class of 1919. Two women are holding signs, one for "Laws 1919" and one for "Academs 1919" and a man is holding a sign for "Engineers 1919;" Edith Bonnet is standing in the front row, second from the left of the woman holding the "Academs 1919" sign. The names of all the attendees are typed on the back of the photo in order from first row to third row.
Date: April 12, 1969
Partner: Moody Medical Library, UT

[Golden Anniversary Diploma Conferred on Edith Marguerite Bonnet]

Description: Golden Anniversary Diploma "conferred on Edith Marguerite Bonnet" by the University of Texas Ex-Students' Association. The certificate is signed by both the president of the association and of the university and has the seal of the association affixed on the bottom left
Date: April 12, 1969
Creator: Ex-Students' Association, University of Texas
Partner: Moody Medical Library, UT

Cause Number E. 4010-J. Jury Trial: Volume 7, March 1964

Description: Transcript of the State vs. Jack Ruby: Statement of Facts: Jury Trial, Volume 7. Melvin Belli, Joe Tonahill and Phil Burleson represented the defendant, Jack Ruby; Henry Wade, Dallas County District Attorney, was the prosecutor, assisted by Jim Bowie, Bill Alexander and Frank Watts. The presiding judge was Judge Joe B. Brown. The witnesses who appeared on this day of the trial were Dr. Walter Bromberg, Hillel E. Silverman, Curtis L. Craford, Sam Pate, Kenneth Dowe, Arnold C. Gadash, Frank Bellocchio, Ingrid Carter, T. R. Apple, Stanley Kaufman, Herman Ulevitch, Dr. Coleman Jacobson, Russell Moore, Dr. Robert Schwab, Dr. Francis M. Forrester, Dr. Roland McKay, Alice Nichols and Dr. Frederic Gibbs. After testimony from Jack Ruby's rabbi, Hillel Silverman, and from Arnold Gadash, a printer who discussed the anti-Kennedy ad that ran in the newspaper the day of the assassination, among many others, both the State and the Defense rested.
Date: March 12, 1964
Creator: Muleady, James J. & Stinebaugh, Shirley M.
Partner: The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

Cause Number E. 4010-J. Hearing on Defendant's Motion for a Change of Venue: Volume 3, February 1964

Description: Transcript of The State of Texas vs. Jack Rubenstein alias Jack Ruby, Hearing on Defendant's Motion for a Change of Venue, Volume Three. Melvin Belli, Joe Tonahill, Phil Burleson and others spoke for Ruby; Henry Wade, Dallas County District Attorney, was the prosecutor, assisted by Jim Bowie and Bill Alexander. The presiding judge was Judge Joe B. Brown. Appearing as witnesses in Volume 3: Sam R. Bloom, John McKee, Barefoot Sanders, W. M. Beavers, Jack Etheridge, Harold Berman, Jack Beers, R. S. Walker, Stanley Kaufman, Robert O'Donnell, Randolph Scott, Laurel Bates, T. K. Irwin, Walter Schumach, James Buchanan II, A. C. Lewis, Howard B. Law, Searcy Ferguson and Carl Freund. The defense examined multiple witnesses who were local lawyers, residents or representatives of Dallas newspapers, television and radio stations, in an effort to prove how difficult it would be to have a fair trial for Ruby in Dallas. Some witnesses testified to the bad feeling in Dallas and how the city's reputation had suffered since the Oswald shooting. The state cross-examined the same witnesses, attempting to prove that it would be just as difficult to have the trial anywhere, since so much of the Ruby story was nationally publicized. At the end, the judge stated that he would not rule on change of venue until after the jurors have been examined.
Date: 1964-02-12/1964-02-14
Creator: Muleady, James J. & Stinebaugh, Shirley M.
Partner: The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

[Sam Myres and his Buscadero Gunbelt]

Description: Newspaper clipping that talks about Sam Myres and his role as the inventor of the Buscadero Gunbelt. This belt was extremely efficient due to the fact that the belt "canted the pistol butt forward, and the holster toe backward, permitting the wearer to whip out his pistol efficiently and quickly." It goes on to explain that buscadero means "the one who is hunted" or "the one who was hunted." In the top right of the article, there are two pictures, the one on the left is a headshot of Sam Myres from the chest up. He is wearing a tan suit with a tan cowboy hat. On the left, there is a picture of Captain John R. Hughes of the Texas Rangers who assisted in the invention of the Buscadero belt. In the picture he is wearing suit with a black tie, tan cowboy hat, and white beard.
Date: January 12, 1962
Creator: Braddy, Haldeen
Partner: Pioneer City County Museum

[Newspaper Clipping: Humanics of Medicine]

Description: Newspaper clipping of an article about doctor-patient relations, and physicians' responsibility to make patients feel welcome and important. Included are a few suggestions on how physicians can improve. The article was inspired by a Canadian Supreme Court Justice's suggestion that medical schools should teach medical students the "Humanics of Medicine." On the back of the clipping is part of an advertisement for For Motor Company, Lincoln-Mercury Division.
Date: December 12, 1960
Creator: The AMA News editors
Partner: Texas Medical Association

[Newspaper Clippings: Dr. May Owen, President of the Texas Medical Association]

Description: 2 clippings from different newspapers, discussing Dr. May Owen's election to president of the Texas Medical association, as well as her presence at the Texas Association Future Nurses convention. On the back of the clippings are parts of an oil advertisement and an article on John F. Kennedy.
Date: June 12, 1960
Creator: Gladewater Daily Mirror
Partner: Texas Medical Association