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[Photograph of Daisy Sewell with Bible Class]

Description: Photograph taken at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Sewell in Bonham, Texas, with the Bible school students in the summer of 1900. Note on the back of the photograph reads, "Duplicate, Bible 2". A card in the sleeve has this information: "Mrs. Sewell standing by door. Elizabeth Fisher. Shaffer Arledge. - Adams. Leo Cantrell. Thelma Tillison. 1920?"
Date: Spring 1900
Partner: Abilene Christian University Library

[Photograph of Bible Class at J. P. Sewell House]

Description: Photograph of Bible school students at the home of J. P. and Daisy Sewell, showing the students standing near the opening of a fence. A horse can be seen to the left of the group. Note on the back of the photograph reads, "Picture #7. Home of J.P. Sewell and Daisy McQuigg Sewell, Bonham, Texas. All in the picture are Bible School students during a meeting held by E.G. Sewell and Sam Pitman [?] - 1900. Left to right: Elmo Moore - Bonham, Texas. Sam Pilsman in front of fence with derby. Sallie McQuigg - Bonham. [?] Friend, White [?], Texas. Rocie McQuigg, Bonham. J.P. Sewell, Daisy Sewell, Bonham. Lucy Dodd, Nashville, Tennessee.”
Date: 1900
Partner: Abilene Christian University Library

[Three Photographs of the McQuigg Home]

Description: Three photographs of the McQuigg home and grounds. The top photograph shows Jesse P. Sewell in the McQuigg backyard garden with a crochet mallet in his hands behind his head. The second photograph shows Jesse and Daisy McQuigg in the yard of the McQuigg home in the summer of 1898. The final photograph shows the home of the three McQuigg sisters.
Date: 1898
Partner: Abilene Christian University Library