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[Invitation from The All Americans Council of the National Democratic Committee to a reception]

Description: Invitation postcard from The All Americans Council of the National Democratic Committee for a reception at the Rice Hotel Crystal Ballroom on Sunday November 1, 1964. The speakers will be Albert Thomas, from the Congressional 8th District and Dr. Edward D. Re, Chairman of the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission, Washington D.C. At the bottom of the card shows "L.B.J. for the U.S.A." Response card with envelope included.
Date: November 1, 1964
Creator: All Americans Council of the National Democratic Committee
Partner: Houston Metropolitan Research Center at Houston Public Library

[Postcard from Mabel to Mrs. M. E. Wise, November 28, 1949]

Description: Postcard from Mabel to Mrs. M. E. Wise, thanking her for her letter, sending her apologies that Mrs. Wise's father is unwell, and promising to explain why she will be unable to visit Boulder, Colorado until February. The front of the postcard features a photograph of two women standing on a large rock inside a dark cavern. Both women are wearing trousers and t-shirts, and the woman on the right has her hair pulled back into small draped turban. They are illuminated by a light from somewhere on the ground, which also reveals the large rock formations on the cave wall behind them. At their feet is a sign that reads, "Visit Cascade Caverns." The name of the cave, "Tobacco Room," is printed at the top of the postcard.
Date: November 28, 1949
Partner: Patrick Heath Public Library

[Photograph of Axtell Railroad Station]

Description: Postcard sent to Miss Loudie George in Houston, Texas. The image on the front features a photograph of the Axtell Railroad Station with three women and a man standing outside the entrance. Buildings are visible in the background. A note written on the back is dated November 2, 1910 and says "I arrived home Tuesday morning and made an auto trip to [...] via Moody got home at 10 last night will be in Waco again tomorrow May get to see you in Waco or I may have an exhibit there during the Cotton Palace They are decorating the business houses already"
Date: November 12, 1910
Partner: Private Collection of T. B. Willis