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[General orders no. 231, July 18, 1864]

Description: General orders no. 231 details the following Acts and Resolutions of Congress:I.) Appropriations for fortifications; II.) Act to authorize commanders to execute sentence against guerrillas, spies, deserters, murderers, and for other purposes; III.) Act concerning pensions; IV.) Act for better organization of Quartermaster's Department; V.) Resolution to settle Captain Hebard's accounts, the accounts of the United States volunteers, and other officer's accounts; VI.)Resolution in amending act concerning pay of officers and men in Western Department; VII.) Resolution for publication of the Army register; VIII.) Resolution for relief of officers of 4th and 5th Indian regiments; IX.) Resolution in relation to leaves of absence to professors at Military Academy; X.) Resolution explaining act of June 20, 1864, to increase soldier's pay; XI.) Resolution to increase pay of hospital matrons; and XII.) resolution to explain resolution relative to pay of staff of Lieutenant General.
Date: July 18, 1864
Creator: War Department, Adjutant General's Office
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[Volunteer enlistment document of Joseph Short, September 18, 1862]

Description: Volunteer enlistment in 1st regiment of the Veterans Company by Joseph Short, born in Ireland, but residing in Binghamton, New York and working as a laborer. This was his second enlistment. He first enlisted in Company C of the 27th regiment of New York State Volunteers.
Date: September 18, 1863
Creator: Roark, Lieutenant John E.
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[Letter from Samuel B. Foster, December 18, 1865]

Description: Letter from Samuel B. Foster to the addressee, "To whom it may concern." Foster has written this letter to inform Sergeant Lafayette's commanding officer that Lafayette has influenza and will not be able to return to duty for 10 days. Sergeant Lafayette was part of the company lead by Capt. Redway, the 1st regiment, N. Y. Veteran's Cavalry.
Date: December 18, 1865
Creator: Foster, Samuel B.
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[Circular from E. D. Townsend, August 18, 1864]

Description: Circular No. 64. In order to make transfers of enlisted men from one regiment to another, the following papers should be made out: Quadruplicate must and descriptive rolls of the men, with a copy of the order transferring them attached to each roll, one copy to be forwarded to the Adjutant General of the Army, another copy to the Adjutant General of the Sate to which the men belong, another copy to be sent with the men to the respective regiments to which they are transferred. These rolls will contain the information indicated by the blanks for muster and descriptive rolls, including date, place and by whom mustered into the service. Each copy will be examined and verified and countersigned by the Commissary or Assistant Commissary of Musters for the command, and will be, when completed, evidence of muster-in and proper transfer.
Date: August 18, 1864
Creator: Townsend, E. D.
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