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[United States Navy Ribbon With Honorable Service Lapel, "Ruptured Duck", Pin]

Description: A piece of ribbon with the words "U.S. Navy" flanked by a flag and anchor on each side. Also on the ribbon is an Honorable Discharge pin, known as a "The Ruptured Duck." It is gold-colored metal, with an eagle facing right with wings spread perched within a ring which displays thirteen vertical stripes. The right wing of the eagle is behind the ring and the left wing is behind the ring. The "Ruptured Duck" was given to all Honorably Discharged military personnel, allowing them to wear their uniforms after leaving their service due to their inability to afford civilian clothes. At the same time, the pin let Military Police know that the wearer was not AWOL (Away Without Leave).
Date: unknown
Partner: Private Collection of the Sutherlin Family