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[Letter from B. D. Dashiell to J. D. Giddings - January 19, 1872]

Description: Letter from B. D. Dashiell to J. D. Giddings. Dashiell tells Giddings that he has received half of the rent owed by Dr. Connor on the boarding house. On Sunday, Dashiell will announce a stockholders' meeting scheduled for Tuesday, where he will tell them of Gidding's proposition.
Date: January 19, 1872
Creator: Dashiell, B. D.
Partner: Southwestern University

[Letter from F. A. Mood to J. D. Giddings - February 19, 1876]

Description: Letter from F. A. Mood to Hon. J. D. Giddings. Mood says that all the trustees have signed the agreement except for Major John R. Henry and Hon. H. E. McCollough, but Mood is not hopeful for any results from this agreement. He states that Judge J. P. Hughes gave him a favorable lot in exchange for a small bonus for a lot near the university. When Mood examined the house at the lot, he realized that it was empty and not suitable for holding classes. Mood has invested all of the money he has saved and his wife's money in the university and so would like the church to refund him. His health has improved enough that he has resumed his duties to the university.
Date: February 19, 1876
Creator: Mood, F. A.
Partner: Southwestern University

[Letter to Mollie, from Orceneth Asbury Fisher]

Description: Letter to Mary Simons from her soon to be husband, Orceneth Asbury Fisher giving news of his improving broken leg and explaining that they must wait for him to be well again before they are married. There is also mention of reports from the ongoing civil war.
Date: October 19, 1861
Creator: Fisher, Orceneth Asbury, 1831-1884
Partner: Southwestern University

[Letter to Orceneth Asbury Fisher, from Orceneth Fisher]

Description: Letter from O. Fisher to his son, O.A. Fisher discussing his opposition to the union of Northern and Southern Methodist church. He also expresses his concern for his daughter, Annie, regarding her religious development and possible marriage.
Date: April 19, 1858
Creator: Fisher, Orceneth, 1803-1880
Partner: Southwestern University