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[Snowy Day North Side of Goldthwaite Courthouse]

Description: Photograph of several storefronts on the corner of two snow-covered streets. A single automobile is visible on the streets, parked to the right in front of Clement's Drug & Jewelry Store. A statue of an unknown person and four trees are in the foreground, and the rooftops of more businesses and houses stretch into the background. A label adhered to the top of the photo reads, "Snowy day in Goldthwaite 1920".
Date: 1920
Partner: Jennie Trent Dew Library

[Officials with Captured Alcohol Still]

Description: Photograph of four men standing with components of an alcohol still on the ground at their feet, with a courthouse visible in the background. The man on the far left is wearing a shirt of heavy looking fabric, the two men in the center are both in suits, while the man on the far right is wearing a leather jacket, and all are wearing wide brimmed hats. Text on the page attached to the photo identifies the men as, "Coley Sevier, Dud Karnes, Carl Bledsoe, & Robert Littlepage in front of the courthouse 1920s".
Date: [1920..1929]
Partner: Jennie Trent Dew Library