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[Letter from Maud C. Fentress to her son David - May 31, 1858]

Description: Letter from Maud Fentress to her son David in which she discusses financial arrangements to buy land and what her son will raise on his land. She also fills him in on family activities and health.
Date: May 31, 1858
Creator: Fentress, Maud C.
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[Letter from Charles B. Moore to Henry S. Moore, August 31, 1885]

Description: This is a letter from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is written by Charles B. Moore to his brother Henry S. Moore. In his letter, Charles updates his brother on the happenings of his trip, who he has visited, and how he enjoys seeing old friends again. He details news about a trip that Betty Thornhill is making to Dallas and he states that she may be visiting him soon, if she is not already there. He notes that the family listened to a sermon by Brother Haynes. All the family attended this sermon except Mr. Dodd. He mentioned that Henry should pass this information on to Mrs. Thornhill. Moore tells his brother about meeting new friends and old comrades as well as their siblings, but also details the business successes of family friends. He states that Sam Thornhill and Tom And Alice Wright have plans to visit Texas soon. He expresses his happiness for John Stewart who has been appointed revenue collector and will make good pay; a living which will prevent him from having to turn to hard labor for money. He details that Tim Thornhill was very badly injured from a buggy accident and mentions a robbery which occurred to a family friend as well as financial concerns surrounding this crime. He states that he has seen Alexander and Allen, but has not spoken to them about the estate of their uncle. Charles tells Henry that Jack Wood's daughter will be married and Tobe and Florence want him to accompany them to the wedding. He updates Henry on the weather and on the crops in the Gallatin area. He notes that Sally Thornhill is recovering from her illness and details additional news concerning family friends and the community. He mentions his past plans with friends and ...
Date: August 31, 1885
Creator: Moore, Charles B.
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Letter from Matilda Dodd to Mr. Moore and Sis, August 31, 1879]

Description: She was glad to hear that the Moore's were doing well and mentions they are doing well also. The weather is still warm, but they are expecting more rain after a thunderstorm last Saturday. They are plowing to sow wheat. The Christians have had preaching every night and Abe and Bettie went to Union to preach. Bob has made cider and sold $3 worth in town. They have apples falling and peaches that are ripe. Dinky and Bettie are going to can some apples. They have beans, tomatoes, sweet potatoes in abundance and the late irish potatoes look good. She gives information on Faunt, that he is a good guy and has two brothers. She asks that they write back soon.
Date: August 31, 1879
Creator: Dodd, Matilda
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[Letter from W. Dodd to Charles B. And Mary Ann Moore, October 31, 1880]

Description: This is a document from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is a letter written by W. Dodd and Matilda Dodd to Mary Ann Moore and Charles B. Moore. Matilda Dodd's letter is on the first, second, and fourth page of the document. W. Dodd's letter is on the third page. Matilda Dodd informs them that she has read their letter to Dinkie which was dated the 25th of October. She notes that the family and children are all well and that the weather has been rainy for the past three days, but last night it has cleared up and turned cool. She includes news about a barbeque that was to be held at the fair ground. The dinner was rained out, but two politicians, Hawkins and Wright, gave their addresses to those who attended despite the weather. Matilda Dodd details that some of their family were to attend that dinner, but did not because of the weather. She discusses news about family and friends and about a trip he recently took to visit family. William Dodd's letter begins and he details the weather and its affect on the crops. The subject turns to politics and he mentions that the democratic party is quarreling amongst each other. He states that he thinks Hawkins may win for governor. Dodd then discusses the candidates for other political offices and the number of votes each respective candidate received. He furthers this discussion on politics by mentioning which party he thinks his community favors for this election. Matilda's letter continues on the fourth page. She details a visit to family and describes a family friend's property and home. She tells Mary and Charles to send a picture of the baby if its possible to have a photo made. At the top of this page, ...
Date: October 31, 1880
Creator: Dodd, W. & Dodd, Matilda
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[Letter from J. S. Nimmo to Charles B. Moore, March 31, 1861]

Description: Letter from J. S. Nimmo to Charles B. Moore. Much of the letter is written as a poem discussing recent news, secession, and slavery, and there is a drawing in pencil of a bearded man on the last page. There is a note written in ink on the first page from Henry S. Moore to Charles. He says that he is mailing this letter along with another from J. B. Harris to him. The note is dated June 11, 1861 in Paris.
Date: March 31, 1861
Creator: Nimmo, J. S. & Moore, Henry S.
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[Letter from Elvira Moore and Jo S. Wallace to Charles Moore, January 31, 1872]

Description: Letter from Elvira Moore and Jo S. Wallace to Charles Moore. They share local gossip, comment on the harsh weather in Tennessee, makes note of recent local weddings, and Wallace talks about a wheat processing device referred to as "the dropper."
Date: January 31, 1871
Creator: Moore, Elvira & Wallace, Jo S.
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections