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[Letter from Birdie McKinley to Mary Moore, Claude and Linnet White, August 2, 1907]

Description: Letter from Birdie McKinley to Mary Moore, Claude and Linnet White. She received their letter and was sad to hear that they weren't coming to visit. She says that she could not go visit them because they are having a lot of bad luck. She is sorry that their crops are not doing well. Birdie's chickens have cholera. Lillie Bell has consumption. She canned and jammed Blackberries and sold them. She comments that everything is ripening late. The cashier at the bank was robbing it for years. She mentions how the money was being used. She brags about Will and how well he is doing. She is waiting for Linnet's letter and wishing they would come visit. She talks about the work she is doing and gives news about people. Richard Dobbins got married. She asks for information about the people living in Texas.
Date: August 2, 1907
Creator: McKinley, Birdie
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Letter from F. M. Griffin to Mary Moore, August 27, 1907]

Description: Letter to Mary Moore from F. M. Griffin. She mentions the fair was organized very well. She has had so many visitors that she is now sick. She mentions where Lillian is going to school and what she did before the fair. Martha Patterson helped them at the fair. She talks about food spoiling and cousin Lou not doing so well. She talks about her crops and how well they did. She is getting treated by the same doctor that treated Uncle Abe. She talks about her treatment and pain. She asks that Linnet write to her, and she really wants to see them.
Date: August 27, 1907
Creator: Griffin, F. M. & Griffin, Alice
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections