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[Letter, March 3, 1875]

Description: This document is from the Charles B. Moore Collection. It is a letter to Moore from a woman named Helen Duncan. She details her love of writing letters to Moore. The conversation then moves to the topic of marriage and she mentions that she fears she will never find someone. She restates her promise to Moore, which was to find Moore a widow to marry, and notes that it would be a difficult task to find a woman to fit Moore's specifications of what he would want in a wife. She asks Moore if an old maid would do, if she wouldn't be able to match him with a widow. Moore promised to send a photograph to her to pass on to the Kansas widow. The topic of matchmaking moves on to Helen Duncan's home life. She states that she is happy at home and declares that she must have the "happiest home that ever was." She mentions that she shares her home with her family: six sisters, three brothers, and her parents. Helen notes that she has a strong relationship with her father and hardly does anything or write anything without telling him first. She states that her reasoning for this is that her father she no fault in anything she does, while her mother sometimes does. She describes her father's pride in showing off photographs of her and her sisters to visitors. The topic of discussion moves on to agriculture and Helen expresses her sympathy when hearing that Moore's fruit tress have died. She tells him if he were closer she would send him some of their peach harvest. In her closing remarks, Helen asks Moore if he likes Dickens' works and details that if she were on a deserted island she would be at home if she ...
Date: March 3, 1875
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections