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[Letter from S. A. Thornhill to Mary Moore, April 21, 1910]

Description: Letter from S. A. Thornhill to Mary Moore. She was glad to hear from them, she had imagined the worst and hopes they will have good health in Fort Worth. She talks about gardening, but it being too wet. She mentions the weather and how it has made her sick. Mary is going to list all of the friends that have died in 1910. John Crawford's obituary is included. She talks about Bud Thornhill's will. She is sorry for using scraps. She will try to finish the letter to send it off. She comments on the weather and how it is too wet to plant. She talks about her chickens and a hawk that tried to take her chickens. She gives some news about their friends in Tennessee. She hopes that Linnet will be alright and that her baby will comfort her. Claude and Time Jackson said they wanted to come visit her. She would like John to come also so they could have four generations in a picture. She talks about Russell Cole's body being moved after his wife died by his son. She mentions Wash Warren has been unwell. John Thornhill sent her some pictures.
Date: April 21, 1910
Creator: Thornhill, S. A.
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Letter from Will McGee to Mary, Linnet, and Charles B. Moore, March 21st, 1898]

Description: Letter from Will McGee to Charles, Mary and Linnet Moore in which he discusses ordering two buggy catalogs, freight charges, and the cost of new buggies. He also provides descriptions of some of the buggies. He said that he is part of the team that will build the Union School House. He gives the details of the bid process. Will says that the construction is only possible due to the because Mr. Love took insurance out on all the school buildings in the district. Each building was covered up to $350.00. He also writes about the birthday party for grandma and Birdie and the adventure he had returning items that were used at the party.
Date: March 21, 1898
Creator: McGee, Will
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Letter from Sally Thornhill to Mary Moore, July 21, 1907]

Description: Letter from Sally Thornhill to Mary Moore. She wanted to write sooner, but it was too hot and he wasn't feeling well. She mentions what was eaten for dinner. She talks about hard times, but is thankful. She talks about the crops of wheat and corn. She talks about prices and practices for farming. She comments on how Mary is feeling blue about taking care of the farm and gives some advice for it. Sally went to go visit Mr. Thornhill's sister, who was not feeling well. She also saw Aunt Jane who also was not feeling well. She tended to Sue's chickens and turkeys. Alice and her mother went back to Texas, but Sally has not heard from them. She stayed at Alice's and it felt like old times. Sabina and Dr. J. B. Walton died. She talks about the trip she wants to go on. She talks about the weather and the rain they need. She talks about the teachers at the schools. She asks if anyone in the Rucker family got small pox. She is working hard and her children papered her room. She talks about her chickens.
Date: July 21, 1907
Creator: Thornhill, Sally
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

[Letter from Lillian to Linnet White, May 21, 1917]

Description: Letter to Linnet White from Lillian. She wrote to send Linnet her sympathies on the whooping cough Linnet and her daughter have and to express her excitement on the prospect of Linnet visiting this summer. She sends some news about her own well being along with her excitement.
Date: May 21, 1917
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections