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[Letter from Hillyer Oil Company - 1917-08-03]

Description: Letter from Hillyer Oil Company dated August 3, 1917. It discusses the location and drilling of successful oil wells, and mentions plots of land for sale.
Date: August 3, 1917
Creator: Hillyer Oil Company
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Birth Certificate for John Malcolm Keenan Jerome Rogers]

Description: Birth Certificate for John Malcolm Keenan Jerome Rogers. Born October 12, 1892 in Galveston. Father Thomas Josiah Rogers, Galveston, (a painting contractor) Jane Theresa Hussey, from Galveston (a house wife. (#4 of 4 documents that were bound together)
Date: October 12, 1892
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Certificate of birth of Julia Ann Pratt]

Description: certificate of birth of Julia Ann Pratt born January 5, 1895 in Denton TX. Father William Clark Pratt of Kentucky, (Clerk at County Clerk's Office) and Nannie Ann Jones, from Texas (housewife) (#2 of 4 documents that were bound together)
Date: January 5, 1895
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Handwritten confirmation note on St. Joseph's Church letterhead]

Description: Hanwritten note on St. Joseph's Church, Houston, Letterhead with seal, stating that John Jerome Rogers was confirmed at St. Joseph's on May 14, 1905. The name Jerome was taken at his confirmation. (#4 of 4 documents that were bound together)
Date: May 14, 1905
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[An invitation to a wedding.]

Description: Copy of an invitation to a wedding. Invitation reads: Mr. And Mrs. J.H.P. Davis announce the marriage of their daughter Mary E. to Mr. Albert P. George, Wednesday, October the seventh, eighteen hundred and ninety six. Richmond, Texas. At Home after November the first. Richmond, Texas.
Date: October 7, 1896
Partner: Fort Bend Museum

[Letter certifying that J.T. Rogers enlisted]

Description: Letter written in march 1962. Certify that J.T. Rogers enlisted in my company (Co 76 N.E. Regement May 3, or 8 1861. Rogers was a faithful man and efficent. Signed name unreadable.
Date: April 14, 1852
Partner: Fort Bend Museum