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Southwest Conference Highlights

Description: Presented by the Humble Oil & Refining Company, this production reviews college football highlights from the Southwest Conference during the 1956 season. Narrator Kern Tips recaps regular season conference games between the Baylor University Bears, Texas Tech University Red Raiders, University of Arkansas Razorbacks, Southern Methodist University Mustangs, Rice University Owls, University of Texas at Austin Longhorns, Texas A&M University Aggies, and Texas Christian University. It also takes a break from game highlights to feature several members of the 1956 All-Southwest honor team. At the conclusion, the film follows Southwest Conference champion TCU to the Cotton Bowl Classic game against Syracuse University.
Date: 1956/1957
Creator: Humble Oil & Refining Company
Partner: TCU Mary Couts Burnett Library

[Congressional Record - Senate - January 14, 1977]

Description: Photocopied text of an excerpt from the Congressional Record containing Senator Barry Goldwater's introduction of bill S. 247 to provide veterans' benefits to the WASPs. Goldwater's remarks are followed by five articles on the WASPs, their service during WWII, and their efforts to obtain veterans' status.
Date: January 14, 1977
Creator: United States. Congress. Senate.
Partner: National WASP WWII Museum

[The Light Crust Doughboys Collection, No. 12 - The Doughboys on Tour 1952 - 1959]

Description: This home movie documents the Light Crust Doughboys (LCD) on tour and performing in Texas and the Southern United States in 1952 - 1959. Footage includes performers at the Bob Wills Ranch House in Dallas, Texas on November 27, 1951 (3 min., 06 sec.); a performance in Houston, Texas on June 25, 1952 that includes actors Tim Holt and Preston Foster (6 min, 44 sec.); a visit with actor Noah Beery, Jr. on September 30, 1952 in Little Rock, Arkansas (8 min, 07 sec.); a trip to historic sites in Vicksburg, Mississippi (8 min., 58 sec.); the exterior of the WFAA studio (11 min., 48 sec.); pianist Knocky Parker and guitarist Zeke Campbell playing together in 1954 (12 min, 07 sec.); a trip to the Port of Beaumont (12 min., 36 sec.); a stop in Lubbock for a parade and performance with Jack Perry at the ABC Rodeo (13 min., 40 sec); the LCD in Cedar Ridge recording studio (15 min., 48 sec.); the LCD and other performers filming a television show at Cross Road Store in May 1957 (16 min., 24 sec.); another performance at the ABC Rodeo in Lubbock in May 1957 (17 min., 47 sec.); the LCD traveling by car to Louisiana (19 min., 06 sec.); the LCD performing at segregated schools in Houma, Louisiana in 1958 (20 min., 57 sec.); the LCD, Dorothy Burnett, and other performers at the grand opening of a National Food Stores in Odessa in 1958 (22 min., 39 sec.); the LCD and other performers filming the "Funz-a-Poppin" television show for Channel 7 in Amarillo (24 min., 43 sec.); a stop in Pascagoula, Mississippi in 1958 (26 min., 37 sec.); a LCD performance in Athens in 1958 (27 min., 44 sec.); and the LCD and other performers at Love Field Airport in ...
Date: 1952/1959
Location Info:
Partner: UNT Media Library