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[Newspaper clippings about the Texas Medical Association presidency and a Future Nurses Association meeting]

Description: Newspaper clippings of articles, including two articles about Dr. May Owen's election to President of the Texas Medical Association, two articles about a planned meeting in Corpus Christi for the Texas Association of Future Nurses, and an article about Dr. Harvey Renger's succession to Dr. Owen as President of the TMA.
Date: {1960-04-12, 1960-04-13, 1960-06-05, 1961-02-24, 1961-03-12}
Creator: Buffalo Courier-Express
Partner: Texas Medical Association

[Newspaper Clipping: High School Clubs Promote Teenage Interest in Nursing]

Description: Newspaper clipping of an article about Corpus Christi high school students who are part of the Future Nurses Association of Texas. The article discusses the clubs' various activities, as well as different guest speakers brought in to speak at the Future Nurses Convention in Corpus Christi, Texas. The article includes a photo two students, Barbalee Wooten and Pat Kilgore, at the Future Nurses Convention. On the back of the clipping are advertisement's for a restaurant and jewelry.
Date: March 7, 1961
Creator: Corpus Christ Times
Partner: Texas Medical Association

[News Release: Third Annual Texas Women's Hall of Fame, July 28, 1986]

Description: News release from the office of Texas governor Mark White, announcing the selection of thirteen women for the Third Annual Texas Women's Hall of Fame. The women include: Mary Lavinia Griffith, Jody Conradt, Mary Kay Ash, Ada Simond, Caro Crawford Brown, Wilhelmina Ruth Fitzgerald Delco, Dr. May Owen, Hermine Dalkowitz Tobolowsky, Margaret Cousins, Anne Legendre Armstrong, Alicia R. Chacon, and Frances E. Goff. The release includes information about the induction ceremony, details about each of the inductees, and information about how to get tickets to the ceremony.
Date: July 28, 1986
Creator: Governor's Office
Partner: Texas Medical Association

[Newspaper clippings about Dr. May Owen, President of the Texas Medical Association]

Description: 3 clippings from various newspapers about Dr. May Owen's election as president of Texas Medical Association and her appearance at the Texas Association of Future Nurses convention. One of the clippings has a photographic portrait of Dr. Owen, one has a sketch portrait of Dr. Owen, and the third has a photo of two students registering as future nurses. On the back of the newspaper clippings are articles on hair styling, an Easter Sunday meal advertisement, and part of a photograph of a firefighter.
Date: {1960-04-15, 1960-04-17, 1961-03-25}
Creator: The Kerrville Times
Partner: Texas Medical Association

[Article: Obituaries]

Description: A series of obituaries in the Texas Medical Association's June 1988 Texas Medicine journal. Those listed in the obituaries included Dr. May Owen, Dr. William Frank Renfrow, Dr. Louis Reed Robey, Dr. Hampton C. Robinson, Dr. Lowell Edison Rutledge, Dr. Cassie Elizabeth Stuermer, Dr. Robert W. B. Terrell, Dr. Robert H. Thomason, and Dr. Leopoldo Villareal.
Date: June 1988
Partner: Texas Medical Association

[Photocopied photos of Dr. May Owen]

Description: A collection of photocopied photographs with Dr. May Owen in them. Each page has one photo, with a caption of the photo and an alphabetical delineation (A-J) corresponding to a list on the first page. The list has detailed information about the photos, mostly taken from the captions.
Date: unknown
Partner: Texas Medical Association