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[Barton Family Tree and Bob Barton Obituary]

Description: Photocopy of a family tree chart for the Barton family. The chart is both typed and handwritten and lists the husband, wide, and children in order of birth. There is also an obituary from the San Marcos Daily Record for Bob Barton Sr.
Date: 1874~
Creator: Eanes History Center
Partner: Westbank Community Library District

Roy Crane Economics Paper

Description: A college economics paper dealing with the price of fish, written by noted cartoonist Roy Crane during his time at either Simmons College (now Hardin-Simmons University) or the University of Texas.
Date: 1916/1925
Creator: Roy, Crane, Jr.
Partner: Hardin-Simmons University Library

[Essay on Education]

Description: An essay on the subject of church-sponsored education and the funding of it.
Date: 1925/1935
Creator: Hunt, James Winford
Partner: McMurry University Library

First Reunion Round Rock Institute Students.

Description: Paper documenting a reunion of former Round Rock Institute students that took place on Sunday, July 12, 1931. A list of attendees can be seen starting on page 4. Pencil notes and corrections made by an unknown person can be seen on several pages.
Date: 1931~
Partner: Round Rock Public Library

Pioneering in Southwest Texas

Description: Essay discussing Frank S. Gray's book, "Pioneering in Southwest Texas" and criticizing Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal programs.
Date: [1933..1938]
Partner: The Williamson Museum

[Biography of James Winford Hunt (1875-1934)]

Description: A biographical sketch of the life of James Winford Hunt (1875-1934) written by Xanna Carr Oates on the occasion of Hunt's death.
Date: 1934
Creator: Oates, Xanna Carr
Partner: McMurry University Library

[David Mitchell and Descendants]

Description: Copy of "David Mitchell and Descendants" originally written by Thomas Mitchell, Jr. The manuscript starts with David Mitchell, possibly a Revolutionary soldier, and details what is known about his life and those of his descendants. The record ends with the marriage of his widow, Sarah Patterson Mitchell Frear, to Abraham Frear. It states that she was the mother and grandmother of many Frears and Mitchells in the family. After the record, there is a note about the original manuscript's author; it was then copied by Ora Osterhout.
Date: August 10, 1936
Creator: Osterhout, Ora
Partner: Austin College

[Port Arthur Civilian Defense Card]

Description: Card certifying A. J. Krohn as an air raid warden in Port Arthur, Texas. A head shot of Krohn and his fingerprint are visible on the front of the card. The text on the back of the card reads: "Port Arthur Civilian Defense Air Raid. This is to certify that A. J. Krohn has been duly appointed an air raid warden. This is his authority to carry out the duties given wardens by the chief air raid warden."
Date: January 10, 1942
Partner: Museum of the Gulf Coast

[Comparative Dimensional Data on 450 WASPS and 2961 Aviation Cadets]

Description: A study on WASP and Aviation Cadets reporting the medical and physiological dispositions of WASP cadets and how they compared to their male counterparts in areas of health, safety, and pilot qualification. The paper also reports the standards of army medical care and examination practices for WASP during the years of the program's operation.
Date: 1945?
Partner: National WASP WWII Museum

[Biographical Sketch of Manuel Orgain]

Description: Biographical summary of Manuel Orgain, a "Negro cowman" who drove freight wagons and herded cattle and livestock through several trails across Texas, and to other states. It recounts several specific events, including a story about the 1869 flood on the San Gabriel River, and other storms.
Date: 1948
Partner: The Williamson Museum

The History of Athletics in Marfa: A Research Paper Presented to Dr. Clifford Casey

Description: Research paper written by Carlton Lewis Smith about the history of Marfa High School athletics. Included in the paper are scores of football and basketball games from 1914 to 1951, as well as an overview of coaches J. E. Gregg, L. B. Martin and Bodie Hunter.
Date: January 1953
Creator: Smith, Carlton Lewis
Partner: Marfa Public Library

A History of Round Rock, Texas, to 1879

Description: Paper documenting the history of Round Rock, Texas, for a university level histroy class, including coverage of geography, flora, Native American History, European exploration, businesses, educational and religious development, the Sam Bass shootout, and general settlement up until 1879. A bibliography begins on page 41. Notes can be seen from the writer's professor, Dr. Pool, throughout the paper, including at the top of the title page.
Date: July 1955
Creator: Jirasek, Clinton
Partner: Round Rock Public Library

History of Round Rock, Texas, 1839-1956

Description: Paper documenting information on early settlers, relations with Native Americans, Schools, Churches, and local businesses that were built in Round Rock in the 19th and 20th centuries.
Date: 1956
Creator: Baker, Sabrina Simmons
Partner: Round Rock Public Library

History of the Palm Valley Lutheran Church

Description: Paper documenting the history of the Palm Valley Lutheran Church from 1836 to 1963, including information on membership, pastors, building programs, the cemetery, school, and notable events. A personal description of the family history of the author and his relation to the church can be seen on the last page.
Date: 1963?
Creator: Behrens, Teddy
Partner: Round Rock Public Library

Charley Bishop: "A Western Pioneer"

Description: This report is a brief biography of Charley Bishop, starting with his parents and describing his entire life.
Date: 1964
Creator: Bentley, Mary Helen
Partner: Marfa Public Library

Paintings by Claudia Webb Betti

Description: An informational sheet about Claudia Webb Betti and the exhibit presenting her paintings.
Date: 1964
Partner: UNT Libraries Special Collections

U.S.I.N.S., Marfa Sector

Description: Report by Ellen Fay Nicholson for an American History class at Marfa High School in 1964. The paper covers the reasons for the Border Patrol, the patrolmen, the different stations in the Marfa sector, and includes a map of the area.
Date: 1964
Creator: Nicholson, Ellen Fay
Partner: Marfa Public Library

Life of Lucius, Sam, and Oren Bunton

Description: This research paper is a biography about Lucius Bunton and his sons, Sam and Oren who lived in Shafter and Marfa, Texas during the late 19th Century and early 20th Century. It tells of their many ranches in West Texas. Walter Gardner wrote this paper for his American History class at Marfa High School in 1965.
Date: 1965
Creator: Gardner, Walter
Partner: Marfa Public Library

Barbed Wire An Agent of Civilization

Description: Research paper written by Steve Lee Graham about the history of barbed wire. The paper covers the early uses and controversies of barbed wire. It also covers how barbed wire is made. This paper was written in 1965 for an English IV class at Marfa High School.
Date: May 7, 1965
Creator: Graham, Steve Lee
Partner: Marfa Public Library

Chavirra and Nunez Family History

Description: Paper written for a history class at Marfa High School by Stella Nunez about her family's history. It was written in 1967.
Date: 1966
Creator: Nunez, Stella
Partner: Marfa Public Library

Jesus Abundio Cobos

Description: Paper written by Robert Blanco for a history class at Marfa High School in 1966. It is about Jesus Abundio Cobos, a man who lived in Alpine, Texas. Jesus made a living fencing ranches, making dams for ranchers, and hauling supplies from the railroad to the Shafter mines. His wife was Martina Franco and they had 10 sons and 4 daughters.
Date: 1966
Partner: Marfa Public Library