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[Postcard of a Fire Fighter Rescuing a Lady]

Description: Illustrated postcard of a fire fighter on a ladder, carrying a lady and a cat on his back. The couple is looking towards the flames and smoke in the background. On the back of the postcard, the sender has left a handwritten message that says, "Dear Sir: I am sending today two [...] cards in exchange which I hope will be as [...]"
Date: April 26, 1910
Partner: Fire Museum of Texas

[Postcard of a German Fire Station]

Description: Postcard of a gated, multistory fire station in Germany. The gated area consists of three connected brick buildings, with the opening facing the camera. The main building features garages at its base and a clock at the center of its roof. The back of the photograph has a handwritten message from its sender to its recipient.
Date: January 31, 1911
Partner: Fire Museum of Texas

[Postcard from Fred to Mrs. Gus Jentsch, July 21, 1915]

Description: Postcard from Fred to his sister Mrs. Gus Jentsch. The correspondence is written in German. On the front is a photograph of a brick building on a corner of a street. The building is two floors and houses the Little Red Onion Cafe and the Sanitex Clothes Shop. The clothes shop has a few stairs leading up to its door. Part of the shops can be seen through the front windows. The sidewalk in front of the stores is lined with trees.
Date: July 21, 1915
Partner: Gillespie County Historical Society

[Postcard of Firemen in Berlin, Germany]

Description: Postcard of firemen operating a horse-drawn fire engine near a building. The firemen are facing away from the camera and towards the upper, unseen stories of the building.
Date: 1918?
Partner: Fire Museum of Texas