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[Postcard from W. B. Johnston to George Pendexter, July 24, 1912]

Description: Postcard from W. B. Johnston to George Pendexter mentioning a recent fire that took place by a drug store and restaurant; Johnston says this took place "across the street from the Parker fire" that he had sent a card of in the past. The photograph shows the ruins of a building in Bellevue, Michigan after having been destroyed by a fire in December 1911; the only thing left is a pile of rubble and dirt.
Date: July 24, 1912
Creator: Johnston, W. B.
Partner: Fire Museum of Texas

[Postcard from J. D. Smith to George Pendexter]

Description: Postcard from J. S. Smith to George Pendexter with a photograph of a fire station belonging to the fire department in Charlotte, Michigan. This building is made of brick and has its garage doors open with a chain spanned across the entrance and a fire truck inside of it; in the background there is a bell tower on top of the building.
Date: September 1909
Creator: Smith, J. S.
Partner: Fire Museum of Texas

[Postcard with a Photograph of a Wagon of the Grand Ledge, Michigan Fire Department]

Description: Postcard addressed to George Pendexter with a photograph of one of the horse-drawn fire wagons used by the fire department in Grand Ledge, Michigan. This wagon is sitting in front of two neighborhood homes and is loaded with various fire fighting supplies; a fireman is sitting in the driver's seat.
Date: August 15, 1909
Partner: Fire Museum of Texas

[Postcard of the Charlotte, Michigan City Hall and Fire Station]

Description: Postcard with a photograph of the Charlotte, Michigan city hall and fire station. In this photo, two firefighters are riding two vehicles being pulled by horses. The sign on the left side of the picture reads: "Bijou High Class Valueville."
Date: [1909..1912]
Partner: Fire Museum of Texas