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[Collection of Documents Addressed to Air Men and Civilian Pilots]

Description: Collection of documents from the Civil Aeronautics Administration. The first page is Form ACA 113 (IM-11/42), a note from the Publications and Statistics Division of the CAA, serving as introduction to the following documents.The next is a notice to air men and all owners of registered aircraft, urging them to only "use their planes...for purposes that contribute directly to the war effort." The next is a document titled "WPB-CAA Liberalizes Utilization of Civilian Aircraft," discussing the use of civilian aircraft for the war effort. The next is an important notice from the Director General for Operations, discussing General Limitation Order L-262 from the War Production Board. The next is a letter from Administrator C. I. Stanton to Washington and field employees, discussing the approval of flight instruction or flight tests. The last group of documents includes several pages of designated landing areas. It also includes the envelope it came in.
Date: {1943-01-26, 1943-04-08, 1943-04-12}
Creator: Civil Aeronautics Administration
Partner: National WASP WWII Museum

[Two Letters from Dr. Edwin D. Moten to Don Moten, September 28 & October 2, 1943]

Description: Two letters from Dr. Edwin D. Moten to his son Don Moten, on September 28, and October 2, 1943. In the first letter, Dr. Moten suggests that his son practice as an assistant to a doctor to get some experience, if he isn't called to the army. He also discusses Don's money troubles. In the second letter, Dr. Moten discusses treating young men who have to report to the army soon, and again mentions Don's money troubles.
Date: {1943-09-28, 1943-10-02}
Creator: Moten, Edwin D., Sr.
Partner: Courthouse-on-the-Square Museum